Standing and POCO access

New to Eve. Started a colony and then realized I didn’t have standing with the Corp, and so couldn’t use the Customs office (had zero standing, actually). Is there a way too check this in advance? Tired of chasing down containers.


To check standings go to Character Sheet then interactions. There’s a standings tab there.

Thanks for the quick reply. I understand that the Standings are saved there in the Character Sheet. My standing with that corporation (the one who owns the POCO) is 0. What I want to know is how can I know if I can use the Customs Office at a particular planet before I build a PI colony there? The office says I don’t have standing to use it.

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A PC Corp owns that POCO you will have to ask them to grant you standings, they will charge you tax even if they allow you to use it. Which I doubt as you will be taking “product” from “their” planet

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By default, the “warpto” tab on your overview will show all the customs offices for the system you are currently in. Right click the one you’re interested and select “access customs office” from the menu. If you have access, the window will open and show you the export tax rate.

ACL’s for POCOs are aren’t very granular. Owners can restrict access to members of their corporation. To allow others to use the POCO, you tick the appropriate box and set the tax rate. There’s a box for alliance and a box for everyone else.


It’s rare to not allow access with standing in highsec - the taxes are the main reason for owing POCOs!


Do Little,

Thank you for that detailed reply. I have a minor quibble with this statement:

If you have access, the window will open and show you the export tax rate.

You can see the tax rate whether you have access or not. The problem is, you can’t tell whether you have access to the POCO until you build a colony there and try to import/export PI goods. You can try to import goods at a POCO where you don’t have a colony. It won’t let you because you don’t have a launchpad.

So my question still stands: Can you tell in advance whether you can import/export goods at a POCO before you build a colony?

Interesting. I’ve only encountered 1 system in highsec where I couldn’t place a colony and it was quite obvious:


I made a return trip and noticed there are no POCOs in the system so it does not seem to be player or faction standings related.

I would put some PI in my cargo-hold and see if I could transfer it from my ship to the POCO you couldn’t launch to and back. No guarantees but that may be an indicator of ability to use the structure.

Have done:

It would cost ~7m to put in a command center and launchpad.

This is in nullsec, too.

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