PI Info from me.. (i am doing PI for about 1 mnth..)

PI Info from me… (i am doing PI for about 1 mnth…)

PI notes (for null sec… hi-sec PI is myth)

Dont build “universal” planes, like extractor-and-produce-up-to-t3
it would be very ineffective.
(Unless you don’t care)

Long LINKS consume A LOT OF ENERGY, try to do them rly short

Decide what you want to produce.
For Effective Profitable PI set several extract-and-produce_p1 plannets,

  • Command Center
  • LaunchPad
  • Extractor-10heads
  • 6-7-8 Basic factories
    and one “Factory” plannet
  • Command Center
  • LaunchPad
  • 15-16-17-or-more Advanced Factories
  • 1-2 HiTech Factories

!!! P4 High tech factories are allowed on Temp and Barren only !!!

for Extractor Plannet 1 Launchpad is enough (LaunchPad has own 10000m3 storage)

for Factory Plannet 1 LaunchPad is enough if you plan to check it daily…
if you want to check things “twice a week”, then add one storage.

“Command Center can be placed anywhere… And it does not need to be linked…”

yes it is true, but

  • When you open Plannet, it shows your Command Center.
    And if your extractor and factories are on the other side of plannet, IT IS ANNOYING,

  • Command Center has 500m3 additional storage, which is good enough for resulting P3-P4

“Put your extractor near white spots”

  • White spots are constantely moving around…

when you check youtube videos, remeber everyone is Wana-Be-Cool,
so NO YOU CANT GET 10mil per day per plannet
i would say 3mil is realistic number
(5plannets3mil3toons*30days = about 1.5bil, but you know even that is not real)


With skills at lvl 5, 5-7Mil pro planet is very well possible. But you may go mad having to spend too much time managing your planets instead of flying those beautiful space ships.

Some white spots move only when you extract then too hard and with less aggressive cycles actually stay where they are. Others seem to always move ( in bands) regardless of how hard you attract them…


oh snap…
i see P4 High tech factories are allowed on Temp and Barren only

i selected wrong planet type for factory

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“… you are kicked out…”

For now I need to build completely new planetary colonies…
This time i am going to do it right (hehehe)

I don’t know what type of Corp you were a member of but you may first want to find some stable 0- sec or WH group before you start rebuilding your planets??:thinking:

i am surprised to see no answer from Alistair Atreides… Actually i realize that i have not seen any post from him in the last weeks… but in a thread about PI i would have expected to see him react quickly…:wink:

what is that bringing to the topic exactly ?

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