New to PI, question about combining materials

While I wait for my skills to train I went ahead and started extracting so I can get a feel for the process. My question is whether or not I can combine materials off planet to produce say… rocket fuel or if the process must be done on planet?

all on planet mate… id like to see them change this tho. Make it just like moon reactions :smiley:

While it has to be done on a planet that doesnt mean it has to be the same one. It is very common that one uses several planets for extraction and then uses a barren one for production of actual tier material. There are a few sites that allow you to calculate if and when that makes sense or pays off to do.

Which structure allows me to move materials from one planet to another?

Your hauler :slight_smile: You’ll transfer products from the planet to a Customs Office, and from there can pick up the product in your hauler, and move it to a different planet/system/etc for production.

You can also bypass the Customs Office and just launch product into space (again, collecting with hauler), but this is limited to 500m3 per launch and has a cool down (iirc, though I forget what this is), not really worth it.

If you haven’t already look into training for an Epithal, they are made for hauling PI.


You will need a ‘launch pad’ to get your things off a planet.

Eve University has a good write-up on PI

If you intend to do PI in highsec you’ll need to train the Customs Code Expertise skill to reduce the NPC component of the export tax. Because taxes are higher in highsec the best return for least effort is generally setup your colonies to produce P2. With level 4 skills you can setup something like this:

Adjust your extractor heads to balance P0 extraction so you don’t get a buildup of raw material and route everything to/from the launchpad.

You will need a ‘launch pad’ to PUT your things on a planet.

no it is not “best” is is just someone thinks “math is difficult” so effort is BIG

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