Sooo PI - is it Industry or Extraction?

sooo PI - is it Industry or Extraction?
which sub forum i need to use for question…

question: i wana get “list of all my buildings on the Planet, with info about their consumption, in the nice table form”
how to get it

another Question:
i built my PI setup on the plannet…
now i dont like it
location is not good
links are to long
other things…

do i just delete everything? there is no option to move structures, right?

Uh - i would say both categories are evenly ok. As the extracted materials and products are used in industry and the process itself is of course extraction first.

As of the setup: you can safely delete most of the things if you are not happy with the links. The only exception here is of course the command centre as it mainly decides where your view is going to be locked when you open PP.
Dont forget the extra costs you will have to pay when you delete things as you will pay again when you place new ones in different locations. That is one reason why you basically never ‘submit’ anything aside from the command centre when you build your planetary setup. Try moving stuff around until you are happy with the link length etc and first then begin ‘submitting’ thus fixing things in position.

Bear in mind that planetary resources will deplete and respawn elsewhere. Your “perfect” setup likely won’t last more than a week. You can chase resources around the planet or you can accept reduced harvest for a while until the resources you need respawn close to your colony.

i don’t think this answer is informative.
are you spammer?

that is scarry
and not rly mentioned anywhere

Another thing I should have mentioned - any number of players can establish colonies on a planet (you can view their command centers).

All are competing for the same resources.

It’s not totally exact.
Hot spot are produced, then they spread, then they go cold. Being mined accelerates the process.

So the more people mine a resource on a planet, the less stable a hot spot is.

all that guides… “scan plannet… find white spot and put your colony near there…”

today white spot is here,
tomorrow it is there

Correct. If you are serious about PI you need to join corporation that has access to null sec and 3% POCO tax, otherwise u are not making much. Resources on planet is abotu 5 times more than high sec.
Resource deplete overtime and I destroy everything to reach new hot spots 2 or 3 times per month. It’s really a penny comparing with how much I make in null sec tho.

WH works to with less competition.

Yes. But not all of us are comfortable living with no local.

Lol, kind of sad you admit that tbh.

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