Planetary Industry, fresh take after many years not doing it

I have not done Planetary Industry since it was Planetary Interaction. In 2016 i quit eve online for health reason. I was called back in 2020 for the horn of goondor, fought in some fun wars, and am in BRAVE now.

I have been loving eve online like never before. It really satisfies my need for friendly social interaction and excitement, as well as give me some idle activities to clear my head. Across the board I have been enjoying gameplay types that were a grind before, loving them with fresh eyes.

Except one…

So called Planetary Industry (formerly planetary interaction.) I had been putting it off for a year before i even quit in 2016, so 8 years later I engage it in again.

What a waste of my time.

It is tedium, unfun, and not worth my valuable time.

Tedium: setting up the planets took hours of my close attention. Having to warp back to them and reset the extractors is a huge interruption in my day-to-day.

Unfun: the UI/UX literally hasn’t seem to have changed. Now I understand you claim to have “patched” it, but it is still hot garbage and barely functional. There are obvious bugs, and no common sense to the set up. It is um-intuitive and boring, and a headache to boot.

Waste of time: After spending 3 weeks perfecting my planets and setting calendar events to check them, i fly to one to get my 19m in robotics, after paying 1.3m tax on the launch. WTF!!! I would have made much better money mining. I get it I’m supposed to have 17 alts all working together to produce some amazing T4 PI… I don’t want to do that!!! I dont want this to be my space life.

You can say “you don’t like it so don’t do that gameplay style…” You are correct I won’t waste my time doing this. But I cringe to think you are forcing my friends to put up with this stuff so people can get the critically needed materials for structures, capitals, etc.

Whoever designed that over a decade ago did a poor, lazy job. Sorry no personal offense intended.

Low effort suggestions
You could have more fun shooting a rock with a mining laser to get these mats. Or shoot an entosis-thingie at a gantry.

Or you could be like Eve Echoes and just make gantries to be just dispensers that put out mats every day to be grabbed from the gantries. Just remove the god awful “game play” of setting up the planets themselves.

High effort solution
Have a PC remake of Dust 514 (not console) where folks get the PI for shooting each other on the planets and it just drops into their eve space accounts or accumulates in the gantries.
There is alot of room to make real dollars off cosmetics and games sales for an FPS, and the art assets are already there in your storage disks.

Thank you
Anyways thanks for listening to my rant. Thank you for making the best MMORPG in history, even despite these complaints. Also thank you for the fun story Arcs, fun events, and all the rest you give back to the community.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 175547

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Update: I shutdown my PI and bought some plex with my cash to pull out the skills! Thanks again for listening.

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Thanks for posting this…

Basically just reaffirms the reasons why I never tried PI content.


Nobody is forced.

Those who do so voluntarily are free to do something else.

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Err, you can reset your extraction cycles and modify your base from anywhere. You only need to be in system to collect from the poco or to drop the command centre.

By and large, you’re right. It’s a hot mess and extremely tedious.

It can also be very profitable for a minimum of weekly effort once your bases are setup and optimised.


So, a clueless person ranting about PI again. That’s a very fresh take on PI. Sure, the tedium argument is valid, but the other points (warping around, taxes, boredom) are certainly not.


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The screenshot says enough, you didnt spend a minute to read any guides about PI. no wonder why you failed.


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Try these setups:

I tried it. First I thought it is brilliant and I liked the “minigame” of setting up the chain. After few weeks I just stopped re-creating the chain and just started it over despite it being highly inefficient because the original spot was “mined out”. Two weeks later I extracted all the PI skills both my characters I trained it and never did PI again.

The concept is interesting, it is kind of active activity until it isn’t and you just wait for it to finish. And the whole POCO system is stupid and “spammy” (by which I mean useless celestials in system at every and each planet, also with big hitbox where you get stuck and annoying to take down and even more annoying to put up again). Flying to POCOs to pick up the crap is unfun, though at least it actually forces peoples to undock though. No idea how to make this better though. The whole thing is totally messed up by multiboxing and alts. And the POCOs are basically all controlled by two super big entities that ensures nobody can actually take their POCO.

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Like that he isn’t making a 100mil/hour with it?

I don’t think that ISKs has to do anything with PI not being fun. I was actually making decent ISK from it with just doing t2 material like water and oxygen, maybe 100mil per week (x2 toons) or something like that. For a passive activity that took no effort other than grabbing cheap Epithal and fly around the POCOs and then haul it to Jita eventually, that was not so bad. I stopped doing it because it was just totally unfun to do after a while. And to me it seems OP had the same feelings.

I know that some players measure their fun by ISK they make, but most of us actually don’t.

Here’s the thing: PI is a supplementary income stream.

Once you’ve done the time and effort getting your facilities up and running, its a largely passive income stream.

Think it through and plan it out, it becomes a matter of resetting your extraction once a week or fortnight, collecting goods once a fortnight or once a month.

Factory planets require more attention. Mine need refeeding every two days. With extra materials stashed in the poco, i only need to actually fly to the poco three times every two weeks.

All that said, I’m not currently engaged in PI. But in times past, I’ve made a very pretty penny running a nanite repair paste chain. I still have 30k units of paste i made some years ago that I’m slowly using up.

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