I returned for 50 hours after a year. Feedback

The only reason I returned was to play Eve with Artosis.

The game is still boring. Chat was dying from boredom (1k+ viewers). We jumped into FW, because it is supposed to be the least boring thing in Eve. It isn’t. You wait half an hour hoping an enemy comes, and, if it is solo, one of you just jumps away. We had a Chinese gang in Amarr militia killing their own because they found a loophole in CCP’s game design allowing this.

Mining is as boring as it has always been. I even made a miasmos fit to take naps while it is mining. Of course, devs never intended this, but it takes miasmos 3 hours to eat a big asteroid and 10 hours to fill the cargo hold. And the only content you can hope for in high sec is someone ganking you.

Only abyssals were able to provide some kind of content.

Recruitment spam never stops. Multiboxing is still disgusting. Having to use a browser tool to check all markets is big a design flaw.

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Welcome back! Thank you for the feedback, I’m sure that the Devs will find it useful.
Glad you enjoyed yourself for 50 hours! Stick around, Equinox is coming very soon, it’s going to get even more exciting!
Fly Safe!

Then BE the solo and don’t warp off. There’s your fights.

It’s not a mining ship, it’s an ore hauler meaning it’s intended to suck at mining. You’re doing it wrong.


And this post, right here, is why newbie-focussed corps like Brave Newbies, Karmafleet and Pandemic Horde exist.

Lone new players come in, get bored shitless, and leave.

New players come in, join one of the big nullsec newbie groups, and you have constant action in Standing fleets against raiders, piles of free ships, access to mining where you get paid better but can’t AFK and fleet action.

Sure, sometime later people might realise nullbloc life isnt for them, and leave for lowsec or wormhole or pochven or whatever, but in the meantime they get content on tap and a support structure.

Or they can be alone in hisec, and realise this is a pretty terrible solo game.

I expected some dummy to bait this. It’s not about the ship, it’s about nothing at all happening while you mine and the process of mining having 0 interactivity.

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I added an extra 33 killboard records to one of my chars today. 140bn ISK worth of destruction. Great battle…shame you weren’t there.

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And how many years did you have to farm to get to this kind of action?

Then don’t mine, it’s really simple. It’s almost as if you’re lazy and scared to then cry about how things aren’t happening for you because of it.

I’m still living off loot value gained from being in Wrecking Machine. Plus I do ratting and other stuff in lowsec, and mine a bit too. There is actually payment for being in Absolute Order battles…but I’ve never claimed it.

I mean go try another MMO? Pretty much the same stuff. Genshin, Star Trek Online, WoW… idk… All the same carnival style events all soiled into their corners. The other stuff is not much different.

Warframe and Helldivers same loops. Same killing. So what do you really want out of an MMO? The best games I have played are singleplayer titles.

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You won’t believe it, but it is not about me.

Anyway, I am out. I provided feedback, do whatever you want with it.

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it’s like you sign for a job in a Amazon Fulfillment center and then complaining that all you do is move boxes :wink: nobody put’s a gun on your head telling you to do it.

and if you can;t do anything else, move your mining build 1-2 jumps into lowsec and the action will come to you is a very short amount of time.

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Hmm didn’t know he played EVE too. Now that’s funny. I wonder if his EVE streams are the same as his Brood War ones with all the cesspool TTS popups and constant trolling.


Is not.

Chat sucks in any game.

And that’s the game’s fault why?

Seriously doubt.

You knew it was boring yet you still did it. You must be a blonde.

So it wasn’t a total waste. Had you used your time to find content instead of napping AFK for 10h you might’ve found more content.

The mail setting might’ve helped if you’d figured out how to use it.

Just showing what their mama gave 'em.

It’s a smart way to cut on dev’s hours and let them use the time saved on more important things.

See you next year!

LIke every OP who posts some lame info and runs away when others provide their valid points.


You see that ? That’s the grim reality ! Some people never make it past the first molehill in our learning curve.


Here’s a neat trick:

If you turn your mining laser off, your Miasmos can stay at that asteroid forever while ‘mining’ it!

For the rest of your post: if you are bored, are expecting things to be boring and then decide to approach the game in the most boring way by mining in the slowest setup or by warping away from the fights you were looking for, maybe it’s not the game’s fault that you find it boring.


You sit in a belt mining, feeling bored and restless, and then you come to the forum whining and call others “dummy”? Wow, dude.

Please tell us how much assistance you need to put on a shirt in the morning, because that must be very difficult for someone as intelligence devoid as you are. I’m looking forward to a new post about that.

I hope you’re patient because that won’t be for another year.
OP has skidaddled and left excrements for ISD to pick up.