I returned for 50 hours after a year. Feedback

I can live with that. And I bet most people will, too.

I should tell you, Eve Online is not my regular game and I only bought Plex to pay CCP what I really felt the game’s value is worth. So I never plan to sub here. I play when I want, on my free time, subbing any game ties you down.

Casually Playing for Fun
I don’t look at mining as a grind and it is not the end-all-be-all of Eve Online. You can have fun with mining, if you never plan to get rich doing it. I did some wormhole mining and lived at one of the free wormhole stations ( Wormlife ) provided by players. That was ok for a while but it got to be routine so I moved on. Before that, I joined a mining corp and they went on operations. After some time there wasn’t much ops they were all busy doing their own thing.

As I said, mining is not the only thing here. I also ran some shipments ( contracts ) and again this is not about making the ISK, as you will be good to find anything that pays out more than 1% of the contract collateral. I also did some market trading, but you depend on 3rd party websites and it is a long wait for items to move.

Honestly I don’t know why anyone would expect the game to change in 50 hours or 50 years. The idea is you sample any game, find what you like to do, and do that to have fun. Grinding is not fun, it is work. If you don’t like something, don’t do it, and if you can’t find anything you like, then don’t play and move on.

Please don’t cry. I feel bad from making children cry from my feedbacks. Feedback are intended for adults, it’s for improving things. The intention is not to make children cry. I am so sorry.

Improving what? All you did was come here and complain the game was boring and you dont like it.

If i came on to a Call of Duty forums and said “First person shooters are boring, all you do is run around shooting then get killed for no reason by a stupid sniper or someone better than me and wait 10 seconds to respawn, rinse repeat. So violent, never playing again”, people are rightfully going to call you out to tell you that this is what the game is, and if you dont like it, then dont play it.

And then you say “I want to improve Call of duty”, while clearly not liking the core gameplay. Do you want to add a fishing minigame to Call of duty? If you dont like the core aspect of the game, then the games not for you.

Never been in an MMO game with global chat that didnt have some type of Spam, from LFG to Buy Gold Cheap spams.

Not really. You cant use multi-input anymore so everything needs to be dont manually, which puts a lot of pressure and skill towards the person multiboxing in anything other than mining.

And yet a lot of games have this system. Elite dangerous is harder to check the market prices of other locations, infact. All games that have local economies work like this.