Thinking of returning to EVE for Indy

Gidday guys,

As the title says, I am thinking of giving EVE a go again after a few years away. However, what I read on the forums and elsewhere isn’t overly encouraging for me. You see, I am an indy player. That is what I enjoy, and scratches an itch that no other game has yet been able to reach. I do enjoy PvP, but I get my fill of that from other games. Not saying I need to avoid it entirely in EVE, but that is not what I come looking for.

What I enjoyed most was being able to go out and mine with my main and orca alt, and with other like-minded players as well. This was my down-time, and I found it incredibly relaxing. I am a resource geologist in RL, so mining holds an extra attraction that others might not have. Outside of that I enjoyed PI in lowsec, and then making various ammo and fuel types from some station trading and the like, and then hauling those items to a hub in my Charon. Invention and blueprint collecting and research was also attractive. Occasionally I would go and pew pew on some PVE missions.

The reason I like to play like this is that my life these days doesn’t allow me to commit to solid blocks of time online and I may need to bail at short notice (kids etc.). So joining roaming fleets or floating through low or null don’t work so well with that I have found. I have tried, and it just didn’t gel.

So that’s what I am looking at coming back for. I have attempted to follow all the changes that have happened to the game, but quite frankly there seem to be a lot so I thought it best to ask you more experienced players what you thought. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Times for manufacturing and (moon) mining in highsec are golden atm.

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I advise to run through this topic before you go out mining with a semi afk zen buddhist relaxed mindstate :slight_smile:

This, to the OP you would like this part of it and war decs are not the blanket bullshite they were before. What you need to do is get in with some like minded people and you will be golden.

Your issue as stated above

Be aware of FOB rats and the Trig recons, the Trig recons do not point so you can get out, so no afk for you. In terms of FOB check for them before you go mining as they do point, but if you have a decent two characters with good drone skills in an Orca and a skiff for example you should be able to remove the tackle and warp out. But you will need a RR on the Orca and good fits.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I appreciate it.

These FOB and Trig guys around the belts sound rather offputing. I never mine afk, but I do like to enjoy it too, so getting attacked by what sounds like constant streams of really tough NPCs doesn’t sound like it’ll tick my boxes.

The moon mining does sound like it could be a goer. I will look into it some more. It’s not something I have done previously.

If you have an active and intelligent playstyle you’ll do great, if you expect to AFK and dumb your way forward you won’t do great.

So when you see people whining you know which group they belong to.

And as with everything: don’t see problems, see opportunities. If less bots/afk players do what you want to do then that means more profits and opportunities for active players. And also (because the percentage of active players will be higher) more interaction.

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Times for hi-sec and lo-sec for Indy are great.

The only complaints are from null who have had their gravy train cut a tiny amount.

A lot of old players are joining back up. Welcome and have fun.

10 drones and some tank and you’ll be fine. Just dont afk

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