Returning player, what have I missed?

Hey everyone,

I was talking to a friend about coming back to EVE to restart my moon mining shenanigans in HiSec. Honestly, since the Crime Watch overhaul (almost a decade ago), this is was the most content and fun I’d had in HiSec - considering CCP has been doing everything they can to remove content from HiSec in the name of player retention ( :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

Anyway my friend told me that moon mining was completely kill. I logged in an alpha to check out my old stomping grounds and… sure enough. Where there had been dozens of Athanors, there were maybe 3, the systems were dead, and the only thing available to mine was non-compressible moongoo.

RIP. So that’s 4+ accounts that I probably have no reason to sub again, ever. And thanks to injector nonsense I can’t even sell them for profit after transfer fees. Mmkay.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about coming back on my 3 main accounts, but before I throw away money, I’m wondering if there have been any changes to:

  • FW: I understand there was some kerfluffle and FW players were mad that people were making money to fund their PvP. What was the outcome of that? What’s the state of FW today?
  • Combat Exploration: Mostly interested in hi/low.
  • Research, invention, industry, PI - my main money makers… aside from stealing Augmented/Harvester drones from derpy moon miners (which is now kill).


  • So, FW players banned together to try to shut down FW farming. CCP ended up making some changes to things like LP payouts, but I’m not an expert on this stuff, and I don’t know how it was received or if it changed things for the better.
  • I don’t think there has been any major changes in combat exploration.
  • Industry has remained pretty much unchanged. The only notable difference has been to mining. Miners are currently unhappy with resource scarcity, but this is temporary, and CCP has said something along the lines of (I don’t remember the exact words) that they will try to make miners happy at some time in the future. Of course, I have no sort of timeline for you on that. Oh, managing PI was improved. Don’t know if that happened before or after you left.

Looking over at your zkill Xuixien I think you had missed nullsec there are many things I think that you may have missed that had happened in null sec.

Do you miss that?

Well, on the part of Factional Warfare (FW), or rather player instigated and driven FW, the Amarr Civilization in Providence fell to pirates and the region is no longer NRDS (Not Red, Don’t Shoot) and thus for the most part unavailable to the good willed neutral Capsuleers.
But! We are fighting back to restore the Civilization in Amarr so if you’re looking for new thrills you can join us Civilized Capsuleers in our fight and spreading of the message in order to rally support in our Holy cause :slight_smile:

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