[Proposal] Changing PI Processing for P1+

After i try to keep my thread alive for this idea, i try myluck in here.

Here is the Link to the orginal thread.

Here also the first post.

Hi all,

After years of useing PI in W-Space, yesterday i ask me myself, why not useing the Athanor for fruther PI processing ?

Only Harvest the P0 Stuff from the Planets and put it into the Athanor or in an production Array for PI.
So you have, like for every other Stuff, BPO & BPCs to make P1+ Matherials.

I think i would make sense. Harvest the P0 Stuff from the Planets, ship it to the Athanor and make PI Stuff out from it. What do you think ?



ps.: Sorry for the bad english ā€¦ i tought i will reach far more poeple here in the English Forum, than in the german.

Know i want to know what the CSM think of this ā€¦

The idea was discussed in the forums a year ago in the run up to refineries. Various flavors were considered - move High-tech processors to refineries, or High-Tech and Advanced. Service modules require fuel so there would be a cost associated with using them and a larger change to PI than CCP was prepared to consider at the time - Iā€™m thankful we got the UI refresh! Maybe someday but there are higher priorities for limited resources.

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Aside from the few million you spend at initial placement PI is nearly 100% profitable passive income that takes very little to a moderate amount of time. Moving it to refineries would incur ongoing costs for fuel at the very least other expenses may be refining or reaction costs.

While I agree that PI is not as convenient as I would like however, I have to point out that much like the Dire Straights song, its pretty much ā€˜Money for Nuthinā€™

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