How do i set up an efficient production line

As above currently i am producing p2 items using 1 planet for the process, extraction, making p1, producing p2, job done the above is done on 1 planet. i have done my basic math and am extracting enough materials for the production line but i have a bottle neck that i can not quite figure out how to clear. The bottle neck is in the p1 to p2 area where i need 20 of 1 item and 40 of another, i never quite seem to have a stock at hand, and i am sure the issue is all my own fault with the way i have my facilities laid out

see description below of my layout

from left to right reading down i have

basic extractor basic
advanced launch pad advanced
basic launch pad basic

could my units be set up to be more efficient or are they running at max now, and producing what they should be producing? i get 240 ish p2 units per 24hrs

any help appreciated i followed an old guide to get this far.


Don’t know what kind of space you’re in (HS, LS, WH, Null), but if you aren’t pulling enough p0 to keep your processors running then you’re going to end up short on p1.

If you’re coming up short then I’d say you should drop the 2nd launchpad for more extractor heads. Also make sure you’re routing your extractors into your launchpad and then back out to the appropriate processors so you don’t waste material due to the curve of the extractor output.

Often to really maximize output people will either pull just p0 or p1 off a planet and then ship to a manufacturing planet for mass production. It’s a little more hands on when you start have to export and import and re-export though.

should of said i am in c2 wormhole i think i need another 2 basic plants to keep the supply running and like you say i may drop 1 of the launch pads

ah yeah you should have plenty of P0 then, but if you’re only running 2 P2s then you should only need 4 P1 processors to keep them fed. Which I think you have already.

Make sure you’re not sending your P0 straight into the P1 processors from the extractors. Route into the launchpad and then another route from the launchpad out to the processor so you don’t lose overflow p0. Now you could add extra P1s also to keep volume undercontrol, but shouldn’t be necessary to keep up with the P2 production.

Hope that makes sense

Also, you don’t need to max out every extractor. If it’s an abundant resource you might better doing a 1:2 ratio. Maybe 5 heads for this P0 and 8 heads for the less plentiful other P0. So they line up more evenly. Then for every P2 processor you’ll need 4 P1 processors. 2 for each P1 being made.

Use a storage facility over having another launch pad for sure, it takes less power grid and cpu. Route all resources to the storage unit and then back out to their respective processors. Once you start to balance out, feel free to add more P1 processors to keep the clutter down and create a back stock to run the P2’s.

Personally I use 2 extractors per stripmine planet and then dedicate a 3rd planet to p1 and/or p2 processors. Maximum yield that way. Rinse and repeat for as many planets as you can run.

exporting P0 is cumbersome and not worth the time. If you’re goal is to make P2 I’d suggest just doing it on one planet, for ease of use. If you want to make P3 or P4 then factory planets where you import P1 is the only feasible way to do it.

Each to their own, I get better yields with my current setup so it suits me for now :slight_smile:

Yeah for sure. I don’t even extract anymore. Just a lot of factory planets. To each their own is exactly right

Indeed, I’d do that but can’t be arsed with all the hauling, so maximize yield locally and treat it as another income stream on top of everything else.

cheers for all the replies

i think i will exchange a launch pad for a storage unit.

currently 1 extractor is sending everything to the launchpad, from there the p0 is going to 2 x p1 plants and then back to the launchpad from there the p1 is been sent to 1 x p2 factory then back to the launchpad. this setup is doubled up for single planet production.

cheers for the help

If you are making P2 on 1 planet your setup should look something like this:


Everything is buffered through the launchpad. On a wormhole planet with level 5 skills you should be able to extract enough raw material to feed 6 basic (3 for each P1 commodity) and 3 advanced processors. Maximum yield will be 15 units of P2/hour. I update my programs every 2 days and collect the finished product ~ 4500 units of P2 per planet every 2 weeks in nullsec.

There are other ways to do it but this method produces a nice profit for a very modest time investment.


so if i extract just the right amount of materials the launchpad will never get overstocked with p0 or p1 material, which has been an issue i have been having i simply did not do the math and just extracted ridiculous amounts of p0.
if i went for a 6 basic 3 advanced setup would there be enough power grid to throw in a storage unit aswell as the launchpad?

Every stage in the process reduces volume. I adjust my extractors so they are harvesting a bit less than 18000 units of P0/hour and adjust things to correct imbalances when I update the programs. Normally I will collect my PI every weekend - 7 or 8 days because my manufacturing business needs it but I’ve let it go 2 weeks without a problem. Launchpad is about 3/4 full.

With 6 basic, 3 advanced and a storage unit you can fit 8 or 9 extractor heads depending on route length - I originally set a lot of planets up this way. Scrapping the storage unit buys you an extra extractor head and a bit more routing flexibility. Most of my planets have 5 heads on each extractor which makes it a lot easier to get the 18000 units of P0/hour/commodity needed to keep the processors busy.

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only 1 way to find out and thats to get building, will not bother with the stotage unit now :smile:

Pretty sure you only need 2 Basics for 1 Advanced, 1 For each resource. Basics have a 30 Min cycle while advanced and High Tech have a 60 Min Cycle which is most likely causing the confusion.

As for the storage facility, I thinks its really a waste having anything more than 1 launchpad. More heads for the win.

As for the OP, with Lvl4 or 5 Skills you should be able to run a 6 basic 3 advanced setup in a WH depending on the resources. 4/2 is what I would run or a very very poor planet or low skills . With Lvl5 upgrades and a good planet you can get away with a 7/3 setup and still get 100% output (i still have to limit extraction sometimes)


If you attach the Extractors to the end of the Factory chains you can get a little bit extra reach without the need for long links. Unless you have a crazy planet you will not hit 100% on a standard link (really only a concern with P1 planets as 1x 10 head extractor can pull a lot. )

cheers for all the info, i am now understanding pi abit better the planets i have at have are not the best in the world.

From my personal experience u need max P1 production , so just produce 1 P1 product on a planet (extractor with 10 heads and 6 à 7 basic factory’s a storige and a launch pad) .
then i have P2 production plannets and 1 production plannet to make P3 and P4
1 planet i produce the mechanical parts / robotics / enrich uranium for fuel
you need to have max P1 to have a buffer and to have a fixed output of your end product.
you never know if someone extract on your location