Planet Management : Suggestions for my setup?

Hello, I’ve got a wormhole set of planets and focus on structure fuel.

The issue ive ran into is, unless im hauling products from one planet to the other I have to extremely limit my extractors and I still end up with excess raw product.

Its also really bad ISK estimate. using average prices i only produce about 3million of t1 product with about3 million of excess raw materials. (24 hour extractor cycle)

That seems bad. 6 million in averager prices must be like 3-4 million in actual return value…and thats not what I do because I take the t1 products and convert them to tier2 from the same planet.

The only benefit to my system is if im afk and forget to turn the extractors on the excess gets eaten up and converted at least.

My ultimate question : Is it better to only extract one resource at a time on a planet? Like max extractor with as many industry to convert them as you can cram in extra?

Right now most my planets, like plasma… im extracting two types of resources and converting them.

I still have to haul T2 products into my T3 production planet.

If there is a better suggestion to improving my system id appreciate it.

Obligatory repost: Meph's Magical PI Setups for the Interminably Lazy

I make p1 on my extraction planets, then use factory planets for the higher tiers.
If you’re overloading on p0, look at your setup. Are your facilities close together so links are short? Do you route through a storage facility to hold excess?

Yea play some other game. and keep it simple. complexity drains your sanitiy and your life.

But if you like it. more power to you.

You will get bored of it eventually, or get taken over by another wormhole corp that likes your space.

seems legit, 1 planet 1 resource. but you need several to make one god damn thing, its so fking complicated i swear to god.

Why not have a factorio simulation for each planet making stuff. the whole planetary interation gimick is geared so you have to make multiple planets, more warping, more chances for your ■■■■ to blow up while you go harvest it.

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