PI - Resource Amount vs CC Amount

Hey all, Im assuming this is the correct place to ask PI Questions, but let me know if I should’ve asked in Mining.

I’ve done a lot of reading and prep to set up some PI, but I’m still trying to decide which system/planets to use because I don’t clearly understand a couple things:

  1. The effect resource amount bars on planets

Is there a limit or max input efficiency on the extractor heads or is this harvest amount purely connect to the location of the heads (relative to hotspot) combined with the amount of that given resource on the planet (ie. 5%, 50%, 90% etc)

  1. The effect of other players on the planet on resource depletion

How many players have a negative effect on my own resource extraction? I also assume this is connected to what type of resource they are harvesting? I mean we can see how many CCs are on the planet but can’t know what they are producing.

These two questions and how they connect to each other kinda leave me confused a bit. It just leaves me with unanswered questions like… “What is better? A planet with lower resource amounts that nobody else is using OR a resource-rich planet that has many CCs on it”

It kinda depends on where you will be doing it. WH or Nul planets can take a beating (I have 24 chars extracting from the same 5 planets). LS the population is low enough that it likely wouldn’t matter and HS is crumbs with high taxes.

I have planets in ls that only show me mining and I quickly deplete many hot spots. But I’m running full extraction set ups

Yeah, you’re probably just running too fast. PI isn’t about ISK/hr, it’s about ISK/effort.

My extraction planets are on 7 or 3 day cycles and also produce p1. For every 10ish extraction planets I can run one factory p3 planet. Somewhere on these forums I have a pict of the setups.

yeah i was running 12hr cycles lol

I’ll be doing NS.

Gonna run 2 alts with 6 planets each. Trying to figure out if it’s worth to synergize them or let them each run independently and just each do T0>T2 per planet.

I’m ok to do a little work if it’s an efficient setup, a place I’m looking can also support making oxygen fuel blocks.

There’s many guides out there, I don’t know if I should just copy paste their setups, cause they’re all different.

My main will eventually run WH PI but not for a bit

It really depends on your planets as to what is the most effort efficient routine. My old setup, I had a number of p0 → p2 planets, and a number more of p0 → p1 which would then combine on a couple of factory world to make a few p4s. This was based on the availability of materials in the space I lived in.

Now, I just run as many p0 → p2 planets as I can (as well as a couple of the more valuable p1s) as I can set up 7 day timers and only need to haul once a month once the customs office is full. Not the most profitable, but definitely the least intensive - I don’t miss trundling about the place daily topping up the storage bins with materials, even though it served me well financially

The end goal is likely a big determiner in how heavy to pull resources. I run P4 and so I keep my extractors even so I wind up with a consistent amount for end production.
Theres quite a few ways to do it if not trying to min max is and also have to ask yourself if you want to not return every day to reset and pick up and move resources. 2 toons may not be so much. But PI becomes additive each character you add in time commitment that can be done on other activities.

Yeah right now I have a pretty decent choice of planets in NS across maybe 6 systems. Each has avg 8 planets and most of those have at least 2-3 resources over 50% amount on scale.

Just for deciding on the planets to work… I’m not sure if say a 70% resource amount is gonna make a lot more than a 50% resource amount on a similar planet (of producing the same commodity ofc).

I know I’m interested in several P2 + Oxygen and… Robotics (which I’m not sure how I’d do).

Yeah I’m thinking of maybe doing as much P0-P2 as I can at the beginning as I familiarize myself with the system of using POCOs, hauling, etc. Probably will start with 3 day timers and adjust based on that.

I’ll run 2 toons for awhile and then 3 max. Have zero plans to do more. I am interested in eventually trying P3/P4 for the experience. I just think I’d fail if I tried to set up a system for those without some experience first.

This is mine, ymmv.
1 planet for the four p1s needed for p3 (robotics) will last about 3 days in production of p3. The production planet makes p2 on top and botton and the p3 on the two sides. Filling the silos with 26000 p1 will run it for just over 3 days.

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Love that set-up. Very neat and tidy.

I’ll give it a shot I think.

How about some good links?

Also, don’t forget to train Trade 4 then Customs Code Expertise. Each level of CCE reduces your POCO customs office taxes by 10%. every time you extract your PI This will save you a lot of isk over time if you really get into PI.

Yes but it’s important to note this ONLY applies to high sec POCOs.

It is probably about personal choice. A heavily populated planet might yield you less and also might not. It depends on if the other player set up nodes where you also get your ressources from. I guess it boils down to how you play eve and PI yourself and if you value Consistent results, or can deal with varying results. Also Long term PI will be probably a bigger issue(if you set your ressource processors up for a week or longer) this means othe rplayers could potentially also tap into your ressource and it will eventually yield you less. While with Daily PI you can set up your nodes differently every day.

I have a pretty comfy PI infrastructure in a Lowsec system that yields me like 50-70 Million a day. Not gonna say where though.

From how many planets/characters?

3 Chars 18 Planets, so doable on a single account

Hi, I am almost certain that during my experience that this does not lower my yield unless I dont move my kit between cycles. It effects the player B when they go to use the node when he checks resource availability. When I hit enter and my cycle begins that number is locked in. It least I have never observed that occurring on my cycles. I could be wrong but I run enough planets that I believe I would notice this happening as I run same extraction amounts on each planet and if it was being reduced by player B my silos would have a varying yield in them at the end of the day. Fwiw.

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that is good to know thanks

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