What happens with the resource percent and the size of the planet in eve?

dumb question, does say i want ionic solutions. out of a storm planet with 25% ionic vs a 16% ionic on a much larger planet, which would produce more?

IDK if my question makes sense or not sorry

No expert, but bigger planets are a bit harder to work as the links have to be longer and use more of your command center’s resources. Gas planets are a pain because they are so big. At least the ones I’m working.

It’s a good question and one I do not have the right answer to.

I do a lot of PI, but never thought of this until you mentioned it. Until now I just compared the density between planets and my only concern of planet size was that the planet should not be too big, as big planets require a lot more CPU and PG for the links between your buildings than smaller planets due to the increased distance. So usually if the resources are similar, I pick the smallest planets, especially for gas giants which can have large differences in size.

About the resource density: I do not know what the ‘density’ means exactly and how it is programmed to work in EVE.
If we assume that

  • it is the average amount of goods per surface area, and
  • that the surface area covered by our PI setup scales with the radius of a planet (which it does - size of the factories and distance of the setup visually doesn’t change even if planet sizes have massive differences, yet the link cost can have massive differences, which means the PI setup itself scales with planet size)

… then it logically follows that we get more goods from a larger planet if both planets would have the same resource density. If CCP programmed it that way.

But my assumptions can be wrong and maybe CCP didn’t program it that way at all, so unless someone is willing to do some testing (which is hard to do reliably because you never know the exact resources or exactly how much you pull), we won’t know whether bigger planets with equal resources would result in more goods than smaller planets.

What I do know is that bigger planets require more power and CPU, so I think I’ll continue using small planets instead, as long as their resource distribution is OK.

Although I don’t 100% know, I would think that the density is the key thing and that size only impacts the link costs. Otherwise gas planets would be pretty strong.

That is my understanding, but a quick search could not find anything to support that.

A lot of the 3rd party PI tools I had bookmarked from 2016-2019 are no longer operating.

That was sad.

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