Planetary bug or im stupid for it. :)

I found some wird thing with the Planetary. How possible this:
A planet: x Raw metarial 91% planet radius 6170km density 3174kg/m3
B planet: x Raw metarial 90% planet radius 4060 km density 5602kg/m3
(raw metarial is same just the % different )
but the wird thing is the A is betetter then B planet. I think something is wrong here. And i found 1 more.

It’s called


Try not to think about it and just accept the inconsistencies and lack of real science in this fictional videogame.

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No bug.

CCP never really released the math behind planet resource generation (to my knowledge)

All we know planet hotspots can be depleted and that requires players to move extractors to a new spot.

Don’t go insane thinking about it. This game is 20 years old and there are probably areas of EVE CCP don’t even want to touch.

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Oke! Thanks the help guys! Its not a big deal i just want to know what is it, but a 20 years old programing wich is fine. :slight_smile:


Ah, you’ve overlooked that volume is effectively radius cubed, which would mean planet A actually has 3.5 times the material as planet B even before density is accounted for and about 1.9 times as much after density is accounted for. So…planet A actually has about twice as much of the stuff as planet B.


A planet’s overall density is just that, an average mass taken over its total volume. It doesn’t reflect patchiness, or density layers (e.g. a metal core, magma mantle, light crust), nor does it indicate if or where on its surface one would find a particular resource, nor is it even an indication of the presence of any element in that planetary mass.

Example: earth’s density is 5,510 kg/m3. However, one cubic meter of soil comes between 1,500 and 2,000 kg i.e., 1,500 kg/m3 to 2,000 kg/m3.


Planetary industry is about taking resources from the outer layer of the planet.

The densities mentioned in your PI scanning window are only describing the desity at the surface of the planet, the outer layer of the planet, where a drilling well, open pit mine or underground mine could reach for resources.

The planet density which is mentioned in the list of planet attributes describes the total density of the planet, which includes this outer layer but also all the layers below all the way to the core where you aren’t going to get any resources from.

While both the planet density and the density of resources on the surface are called ‘density’, they’re talking about two entirely different things.

Density of the planet isn’t relevant for PI.
Radius on the other hand is, which determines how much Power load and CPU load you will need to spend on links.


/yeah I sometimes wonder why but then I just shrug it off and delete the extractor before repositioning a new one. :joy: :slightly_frowning_face:

*Planet resources will change based on the amount that had already been extracted which forces the pilot to shift extraction to other areas of the planet.

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Yup it’s why Gas planets you gotta relocate the entire darn operation vs a barren planet I can make a link nearly across the planet. :joy:

I have seen some really good LS/HS patches of resources on planets. Gotta keep those extractors where the materials are.

Thanks guys! Now i understand it!
The radius was clear, but the density not really.

There is slight chance we might see something new in PI alley this year (2024/YC126) , “I’ve heard the rumor” CCP Shanghai Studio is working on UI enhancements to PI. Rumor’s source.
I hope this will clear soon…

PI templates that are self created or from a standard selection of templates?

:person_shrugging: no idea, the CSM statement was very vague and he didn’t care to comment more…

NDA? Or Rumour?

I am stoked about anything PI Related either good or bad to my liking.

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