New ore sites in metaliminal exotic matter storms

Has someone tried them out? Are they worth trying or they are just like the useless current ones “Large Arkonor deposit” with 4.000m3 rocks?

Your computer or phone has calculator. Do simple math yourself. isk/m3 is not hard to calculate.

I don´t know what do you believe I´m asking.

I just want to know wich ores are found in these new ore anomalies announced for systems affected by an Exotic Matter Metaliminal Storm, and size of the rocks within.

Head over to Sisi and research it. Come back with the answer.

lol. This community can be super helpful sometimes.


Are these found the same as how inside the L4 missions containing extremely large Veldspar?

No idea, the only info i have been able to find is the official one, and just says that in the strong effects systems, there will be “ore anomalies”

That´s why im asking if anyone has been in any of these new sites.

Yeah i’m sorry about some of these comments. Most people on the forums are angry little ignorant boys and girls. Like I really wonder if some of these people are okay. If they need to go to anger management or rehab or something to get over whatever it is they are going through to be so toxic. I do not know the answer myself but I am heading to one myself to check it out. Good luck!


Well said

Computer games and forum trolling are legitimate forms of psychological self-help.

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