Planet with empty resource bars


The nullsec system we reside in has very strange situation with one planet (tempearate).
2 of available resource bars are absolutely empty, there is no text or message, but from the looks of it these 2 resources has been completely depleted.
I can confirm this state being on the same zero level for 2 weeks, and I’m afraid this has been this way for a longer period, since noone from my corp paid attention.

that’s how it looks like:

Is it possible for resource being depleted without possibility to recover?
Will it replenish, if so what is an expected timeframe to wait for it to be at the half bar level as the rest?
Any advice anyone?

I don’t think they’ve been depleted, I think they’ve been 0.000005% (or whatever) from the beginning. And yes this is possible.

You can still find mild spots with Complex Organisms or Microorganisms, but compared to how fast your extractors would fill if you set them for Autotrophs, the quantities you extract will be minuscule.

That is for sure some unusual composition of organic life. We may be witnessing extinction event of some kind. :thinking:


A chronicle or short story on this would be hilarious. Your ELE is really just CCP’s procedurally-generated content at work, but imagine some panicked scientist compiling a database of all these planets who are experiencing unexplained ELE’s, and trying to raise awareness in this age of Sleepers and insane capsuleers.


Thanks, I appreciate your imagination. :slight_smile:
Yet I have to agree, and adapt (which I already did) to unexpected operation conditions.

Got one more confirm from corp fellow, this planed has always been like that, so indeed this are the generated defaults.

To add up facts to your story, sleepers indeed tend to stick around planet’s CO and anylise it for horus :slight_smile:

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