A Guide To Help New Players Like Me To Make Isk

Hello Everyone,

I made this guide to show how I made what I consider to be a significant amount of Isk for a new player. If you know some new players that are struggling, send them this link. Enjoy!


Decent guide.

I would recommend https://www.thonky.com/eve-online-guide/planetary-interaction as well, because it has the full list of PI and all materials needed to make whatever you want.

Also, good to note the size of the planet, such as gas giants, as longer links mean more CPU/GPU used. Also, in most cases, linking to the closest building works just as well, as the chances of using so much that you would run out of bandwidth for the link normally doesnt happen. But it depends on the setup.

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Thanks for your reply, I totally forgot to mention the radius of a planet I will write that in later! Just wanted to get this out there to help new players such as myself!

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No probs, when i first started PI i couldnt figure out why my gas giants kept running out of CPU/GPU even though they looked identical to all my other planets. The size of the planet really meant that the links that seemed the same length, were actually many times longer and therefore ate up more CPU/GPU and i had to remap my entire planet to make the links shorter.


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