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Hello, I have a PI question,
I am building on 2 gas planets in the same system doing advanced production for Coolant.
It seems that I can not build the same factory design layout on both planets.
3 launch pads for both however, One planet I have 20 Adv factories the other planet I can only fit 17, any idea on this?

I’m not a PI expert, so I can only offer very basic suggestions:

A silly question at the start in case it was accidentally missed: I assume both command centers are upgraded to the same level?

Do have them in a different layout, or maybe further apart on the 2nd planet? The longer links are, the more cpu/powergrid they eat, which will lower the amount of other stuff you can build. Try to reposition you factories closer and use shorter links if possible.

Check the size of the 2 planets. If the 2nd one is bigger it might explain it. The building might look the same distance apart, but on bigger planets this is sometimes deceptive and because of the bigger radius the actual distance between them is bigger - which results in slightly longer links, which reduce your available cpu/powergrid.

My last suggestion is see if you can reduce the number of links somehow. See if you can route your resources and materials in a different way.

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Expand upon this please. Do you mean storage?

Some planets are bigger than others, which means you lose more power load and CPU on links on bigger planets than on smaller planets.

Gas planets are notoriously large and also have big variances in size.

If you have multiple gas planets in system with similar resources, picking the smallest planet will be best.


The planet you can only fit 17 is probably a bigger planet (check it’s diameter), meaning the links between buildings are longer and using up more cpu/grid.

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I learned something new today.

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Thanks for the reply’s I think it is definitely the planets size I see the difference between the 2.
Thanks for the knowledge.

If you think about the link distance on gas planets if the planet is 60k around the link between 2 factories is longer then navigating an entire lava planet. In my experience it is best to extract and only do basic refine on gas planet. I move these resources to somewhere else to produce end product such as coolant.

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