PI Link Inconsistency or am i missing something

so i’ve been dabbling in PI and finally managed to train an alt with CC upgrades V, i started planning a small scale comprehensive supply chain setup on a couple planets for Tier 2 Resources, currently i have 1 planet with the first 12 products with 2 advanced plants processing P1 to P2 with 2 Launchpads so i can streamline the production chain.

my issue is this, the first plants furthest connections are at a load of around 40tf and 29MW, a link for ease of exemplification: Screenshot - 88fa930bfff9c62c8b0e90dde2a6688a - Gyazo

and the second planet only partially setup because i can’t make the setup fit due to… this little oddity, again link for ease of exemplification: Screenshot - eb1eab1ecae92dc11aec3d3e9ebb6779 - Gyazo

now i’m somewhat bemused, because i’ve encountered this several times when setting up other chars and have never really gotten anything back from people?

the CC is the same level, they’re in the same system, they’re the same planet type, what’s going on here?

and while we’re talking about PI, why have CCP not finally expanded PI to include the still npc sourced items like hydrogen batteries and electronic parts among others…?

EDIT YES the setups are skewiff, nothing is ever perfect, but it’s still functional.

Link costs depend on the planet radius, not the planet type, although there tends to be a correlation between those.

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thank you for the reply, i was wondering about what could cause this.

ah so effectively even though the GUI remains the same, the distance is further, which is why the link requires more resources to run?


seems like an oversight that they didn’t scale the size of the facilities depending upon the radius of the planet, but hey ho.

I know you mentioned the setup but wanted to make sure. The way you have the manufacturing heads individually going back to the launchpad could be improved much more efficiently. Now with your current setup, I believe the max factories you can travel through is six, so the direct route for two factors is all you would need. Everything else can travel the same connection that brings materials in, and the same connection can take materials out. Essential the longest connection in your setup is all you would need, everything else is a waste.

And to be honest I am not sure we would want that scale. Most gas planets’ radii are massive, compared to other planets. Either it wouldn’t fit on the screen, or your factories would be so small, it would be maybe irritating trying to move around the planet, especially when you are refitting it for new production.

I do like the idea of making the mini items like spirits for drug production as an example. There are tons of items in the commodity section of markets that could technically fit under PI.



thanks for the advice i’ll make sure to check it out!

that could be fixed by having jump to icons for launchpads, extractors/factories surely? like there is for the CC itself?

seems like a lot of stuff CCP has done was partially completed and if the member of staff working on rounding it off left, it simply fell by the way side.

I agree with that if you had a shortcut key to move around or maybe a legend you click on that could work. Or even something simple like a tab or shift-tab. I guess for something like you have set up that would be timely, but most are not like that.

Well, unfunded items I guess give us something to look forward to.



your setups are horrifically inefficient.
Try these: My PI Setups

Generally I avoid any planet larger than 25,000 km.

Factory planet setup as an example of short links:

P2: https://eve-files.com/media/1108/p2_factory.jpg
P2+P3: https://eve-files.com/media/1108/p3_factory.jpg

Setup details:

Tear all of those up and start again. There is no reason to make links that long.

Put the buildings as close together as possible, and then link them. Routes will run through other buildings. You are wasting enormous amounts of grid by making long links.

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