[PI] Industry buffer issues - 1 Factory never produces

Hello everyone,

In order to produce some P2 materials, I’ve made a planet with 2x extractors, 6x base industries and 3x advanced industries. The total amount produced by the base factories is theoretically enough to run the 3 advanced factories (Max efficiency is not my goal, so I didn’t go for the factory-planet road).

That was before I realize industries have a buffer : Instead of evenly distributing the resources across the 3 factories, I have 2 of them running, one waiting, and among the 2 running, one is buffering what should go to the 3rd factory. As a result, only 2 factories work at any time, and the buffered resources are just sitting here waiting for the next cycle…

The third (and waiting) factory is not linked to the storage, but to another factory for link efficiency (see picture). I don’t know if it has anything to do with priorities between transmission and buffering, but this is really annoying.

Is there a way to avoid that ? Can’t we disable resource buffer or something ?

Thanks !

I haven’t done P.I. in a while, but my first instinct would be to double check routing, the job setting for the non-running factory, and that enough materials (of all necessary types) are being supplied to keep all three factories perma running.

Extraction-to-P2 setups always have some difficulty in matching extraction rates and the resulting P1 production rates required to keep the P2 factories fed. This is likely due to differences in relative abundance of resources. Looking at that setup, with both extractors right on top of the main facility, I’m guessing there’s a large disparity in the extraction rates of the two resources.
Props to you for keeping those links nice and short.
I’ve always found my best results from doing Extraction->P1 then shifting to a factory planet to crack up the higher grades.
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