Ukomi Superconductors on Storm Planet

What’s a good way to make Ukomi Superconductors on a single storm planet? I mean yeah it’s probably better to just make the PI on a bunch of extraction planets, then dump it on a dedicated factory planet. But let’s just say I wanted to do this. Is there enough PG to go from extraction to P3?

If you’re running three extraction heads, you’d have very little, if any, pg/cpu for factories.
It’s possible, by juggling extraction and building up buffers of resources, but would be rather inefficient.
You’d also need to have all resources nearby on the planet, which may not happen.

Obligatory repost: Meph's Magical PI Setups for the Interminably Lazy

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You just gotta go the extraction THEN factory route. 5 extractors and 1 factory is the usual route. The more factory planets you can keep supplied the more ISK you make. Doesn’t matter how you balance it out long as a planet is dedicated solely to manufacturing or extraction.

Henry Ford did it all the way back then and the assembly line method still works.

Make your t1 on extractor planets then bring your t1s to a factory planet where they can be made efficiently on a factory planet where you have the CPU/PG room to make all the t3 PI you want. T4s require a larger network of planets but follow the same line of thinking.

I had a guy in English Help Chat who said he uses a decentralized method (every planet produced t2/t3 pi or something) and I laughed him out of the room. Claims he makes PI for keepstars. Still laughed him out of the room because I know factory planets are the best way to run PI.

Large corporations with their huge supply chains do the exact same thing. They have factories that build the work in progress components and all those components are shipped to one large factory for final assembly and then shipped to the customer (jita in our case) OR to keep going in the industry chain and build ships with PI.

Super fun. :sweat_smile:

I will argue factory planets are the most efficient way to build anything in EVE. We do it in RL. Naturally it happens in EVE also.

Awww poopy. I’m lazy and was hoping to get away with that. I’ll check your post I guess.

Trying to do more than extraction to p1 on a single planet and you’ll quickly run into issues.

I built a hybrid extraction->p2 facility as an experiment once. Extract->p1 one resource, import the second p1 and output a p2. It worked, but yield was down and it required refilling more frequently than a dedicated factory setup.

Those extraction heads use a LOT of pg/cpu.

I haven’t done pi in a while. We just bashed all the pocos in my new bearhole. Time to figure out what to make and get the clickfest setup stage out of the way.

A good PI chain is a PITA to setup. Once it’s rocking along, it’s decent isk for minimal effort.

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