Planetary Interaction, Fuel Blocks and me!

(Calsafi Dorsworth) #1

Hey folks,

I recently decided to take a plunge into PI for the purpose of making the required materials for fuel block production. I mine some of my own ice so I figured I could also make some fuel on the side. I got the basics down and understand what is required to make the components, but it is incredibly inefficient. Could someone help me either here in the forum or in-game to discuss how to make this process of PI production semi-autonomous and efficient? I am talking about what configurations of planets and factories I should be using. Looking forward to reading some responses.

(Mega Juggz) #2

I think there is too many resources that go into fuel blocks to make it simple and efficent.

Your probably better off making 1 or 2 PI materials that go into fuel then bulk buying the rest of the materials.

(Scarlett LaBlanc) #3

I’m happy to help, but I’m not real sure what your asking for.

If your just branching out into PI I recommend you look at this tool…

That is a tool to help organize PI production chains.

this one tells you what planets are in what system and what can be made there…
it’s web based, and one of my favorites.

If you need help with the process of setting up PI, here is a guide that is fairly current and may be helpful to you.

Aside from those resources, what do you need help with? Happy to answer any questions you have, just not sure where your knowledge gaps are.

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(Calsafi Dorsworth) #4

Thanks for these resources! I’ll look into it. I know next to thing when it comes to PI. It’s my second day exploring it. I know the commodities I need to make and I can set up a basic chain to make the things, but I am looking for advice on how to set up the actual buildings (ie how many extractors needed per factory, what’s the optimal set-up per planet etc.) I’ll look into this planner and if I have more questions I’ll reach out to you! Thanks

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(Do Little) #5

Fuel blocks require Enriched Uranium (Plasma), Coolant (Storm), Robotics (Consumer Electronics [Lava], Mechanical Parts [Barren]), Mechanical Parts (Barren), and Oxygen (Gas) Use your gas planet as a factory for Robotics - import the consumer electronics and mechanical parts.

You need 5 planets and can do this with 1 character and level 4 skills. You aren’t going to be able to “balance” production but you can always buy stuff if you’re short or sell a surplus.

(Johnny Boggart) #6

Honnestly, do your maths but IHMO, producing fuel block is not Worth it at Jita prices around 20.800 isk/unit…

too much hassle for a marginal gain… You better should compress the ice and sell it directly to Jita…

At 22.000 isk/unit, you start to make some good margin, I even sold some FB around 29.000 in the past but that’s niche markets with low volumes…

(Calsafi Dorsworth) #7

I live out in null where fuel is always in demand. I have been selling the processed ice products up until now and it’s good money. I’m just seeing if there is a way for me to be more useful for the corp is all. ^^ So fsr it seems that I can produce everything at a decent rate. The problem is PI is real slow, it’ll never keep up with the mining that’s done. At best, I just use the PI available whenever possible to make fuel for a tiny tiny increase. At worst, abandon the idea for now and just continue selling ice!

(Zoltan Irvam) #8


either throw more toons at it or crank up your production. Producing P2 on one planet including extraction is by far the least effective way to do it. It might be very passive, but if you spend some more time by either doing extraction and P1 production on one planet and then use a factory planet for P2/P3 or even have pure strip mine planets with two units of ECU and Launchpad and 20 heads and do P0->P2 production on factory planets, you can get quite a bit more…


(Alistair Atreides) #9

Can we talk? private message me in game. PI is too complex to optimize over a forum but I’m pretty dedicated to “getting it right” so looking for like minded persons who have room to improve.

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@Calsafi_Dorsworth how far did you get since then?