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are there any definitive guides, or, can anybody bestow some knowledge about running a PI chain for POS fuel?
I have 8 characters I can use, 3 of which are fully PI trained. The others are all mostly III / IV.
I suppose I could do more than POS fuel? I am aiming to help my corp.
Would listing my planets be helpful? Or is there a third party planner type thing I can use?
A while ago I did PI but at a super low energy level, I know there is ISK in there if I am being efficient and doing stuff right. Any cool spreadsheets templates?
Any tips or tricks will be helpful, thank you for your time.

So, you’re going to need:

Oxygen (P1)
Mechanical Parts (P2)
Coolant (P2)
Enriched Uranium (P2)
Robotics (P3)

Here’s a great site that can help you see what can be built from different combinations of planets:


To build those components, you can do it in 6 or 7 planets, depending on what you have access to. I generally do P1 and P2 on a single planet, and then P3 with a harvesting/factory planet and another P2 feeder planet. Of course, you could do the feeder planets with single factory planet thing as well if you prefer.

Now, all that said, your gating element here is probably not going to be the PI- it’s likely to be the ice material, particularly the Strontium Clathrates. If you’re mining ice in HS, those are pretty sparse and generally are sourced in much higher quantities from LS/NS ice.

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I do highsec PI, currently at a fairly “low energy” level. I make Robotics and Guidance Systems that I use to build T2 drones. It’s a profitable and relatively low maintenance business.

Eve university has an excellent write-up on PI. The page I found most useful is https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Planetary_Commodities but the right pane has links to the others.

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Oxygen and Coolant can be made on a storm planet.
Robotics and Enriched Uranium on plasma planets.
Mechanical Parts on Barren planets.
I use a Lava planet to make extra Consumer Electronics for Robotics production on the plasma planets.

Very little maintenance/moving stuff around, it more or less takes care of itself :sunglasses:

Robotics - Plasma X 2
Enriched Uranium - Plasma X 1
Oxygen, Coolant - Storm X 1
Mechanical Parts - Barren X 1
Consumer Electronics - Lava X 1


i got:
Lava x2
Barren x4
Gas x4
Oceanic x1

kinda off - i could technically buy robotics at a nice discounts from a fellow corp member, or i could make my own within.

where would i go from here? or is there something better to create. i just want to do the fuel to help my corp and if there is any extra sell it.
and are all the placement mechanics and how to put the nodes mostly universal, same with upgrades and the like?

thanks for your time

Do you (or anyone in your corp) mine ice to get those components for fuel?

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If you train them all up with level 4 or 5 in PI skills you can have up to 48 planet setups, with only about 10 planets utilized on just 2 characters I’ve managed to make 1bn à month by producing P4 products in nullsec. By only spending about 20 min à day refreshing Extractors and move commodities. With your 48 you could be making around 5bn à month (semi-passively).

If you want to sort of maximise your production using all your characters’ potential then I would suggest; setup 2 planets for each resource (extract --> P1) available in your system(s) and have some factory planets producing the P2-4 that you need and can produce based on collectively available resources.

As to how much time such a setup would require of your time I would not know.


@ISD Sakimura

i have no idea how to quote, unless I need to copy and paste what you said? confused at the new forum UI.

anyway, so you’re saying with all the characters I have available for PI, I can really spread them out onto my planets (listed above). Meaning, tons more resources coming in and I can have several factory planets which means the commodities are moving faster? I would like to stay in the wormhole tho, since you mentioned NS.

I do know the potential of 8 characters so ive been putting PI off for the longest time…so much ISK wasted. it doesn’t have to be fuel either, I was just being nice to my corp haha.

@Leah Crowleymass
Yes - i usually mine shattered holes or the NS static if its a mine system. just 2 endurances, easy to afk and i have fits that can afk tank the rats. gotta half watch tho so i don’t get ganked. but i have a load of ice material just sitting around and just finished ice processing 5. i will prob mine more in the event i am making fuel. i use fuel currently for some of the light requirements for reactions and the like.

Ah, cool! OK, that makes all the difference, since that will be much better ice for making fuel because of the stront that you’ll get from that specific ice. Fuel would be a great thing to make then :slight_smile:

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To quote someone you just have to highlight the text you want to quote and it should give you that option.

You can do as I’ve described in any part of space but obviously less profitable in highsec due to higher taxes. Having Several planets only extracting/producing P1 products means that you will get lots more over the long run, this however also means that you might need to relocate your extraction set around the planet slightly more often (resources in hot spots depletes faster as you do extract more). Just have a few “factory” planets that you use to make the P2 products you want (Fuel production materials or what ever), and a few “factory” planets for P1 --> P3 production and maybe 1-2 factory planets converting P3 --> P4.

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