Planetary Interaction: Linking 2 Command Centers

Hello, and thanks in advance,
Question, is it possible to link structures from 2 Command Centers together?
P1 facility creates product on planet 1,
Planet 2 is creating separate P1 product which is brought to Planet 1 for P2 production using separate Command Center and Advanced Facilities.
Can I link P1 “Launch Pad” Command Center 1 ---- to P2 “Storage Facility” Command Center 2?
New at this any help is great

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You cannot lay down 2 command centers. Just 1 CC per planet and the CC needs to be of that planets tyre, so an Ice Command Center for an Ice planet.

1 CC, then one or more of Storage, Factories, Launchpad etc

in your scenario you would need to collect the PI from planet 1 and take it to planet 2 via the Customs Office

this may help set you off - Planetary Interaction - EVE University Wiki


I would not mix extraction and advanced production on the same planets. Generally, you want to have dedicated extraction planets to extract the maximum possible amount of material from the planets and dedicated factory worlds to setup the maximum possible number of processing facilities.

If you want some inspiration: I put the following setup times 2 on my extraction planet and process the T0 into T1.

The T1 goes on to the first factory planet with the following setup to be turned into T2. This factory planet can process 16 T1 materials. here you have 2 input launch pads that make importing materials easy and 1 output launchpad. This provides enough storage for about 2 days of production.

And that goes on the third factory planet to be turned into T3.


That was an awesome post . . thanks for the info,
I was just wondering if you can set up a second CC, … now I did get a third planet to do the actual manufacturing.
Thanks all

For a good manufacturing planet, look for a small planet with a low tax customs office.

Low tax is always nice, but it is especially important for a manufacturing planet as you move a lot of goods not only from the planet but also to the planet.

Small planets because it saves you some CPU and PG for links. No matter how close together you build your factories, on smaller planets you can probably fit in another.

A third thing I really like doing for factory planets: install one launchpad per input item, and set up the factories and launchpads in such a way that the launchpad IDs are in the same order as the alphabetical order of your goods. Then put the name of the input goods in the bookmark to the customs office.

I never have to remember what goes where, I just look at the bookmark name to see what I should put into my epithal, put it in the customs office, drag the produced goods out and put the new goods in to the launchers, in alphabetical order. Easy! :grin:

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