Is this information accurate?

I had 2 planet setups. The first one didn’t work out so i started over a bit far from the Command Center. The other one was a bit looser but i was able to fit 7 extraction heads, the other one had 5 and was probably much tighter. ended up giving away an advanced processing plant.

I was told the further you get from the CC, the more powergrid the facilities pull. Is that true?

The links between facilities do yes. The longer the links the more power they take up.

The CC doesn’t need to be in any relation to the rest of your installation (no connection needed), so the distance to CC does not play a role. Usually you position your factories around the launchpad/storage as close as possible, to save powergrid for the interconnection pipelines.

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What @Tipa_Riot said.

Yes as said better not use the command centre at all. You should be centering around the extractor, launchpad and/ or storage units. The Uniwiki has some good basic setups on their pages. Also pay attention to the planet sizes, the smaller the better since on the bigger planets the same setups will consume more power grid.

Also planets with smaller radius means less power used by the links.


I ended up sticking all the refineries in a tight hex around the launcher. It’s used for storage too. It got me a few more extraction heads.

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