Starting out with PI, confused already!

So I was following some guides on PI trying to understand it, and now I have a problem.

I can’t figure out why I can’t why I’m missing input?

Check your Storage Facility’s Routes tab to verify that you have commodities directed towards the proper Processing facilities.

You should have one big chunk of Incoming (from the Extractor), and as many Outgoing routes as you have Processing facilities (one for each). There may or may not be any Transiting commodities, but you can ignore those for your purposes.

You want a setup that looks more like this:

P0 will be routed from the extractors to the launchpad and back out to the basic processors.

P1 will be routed from the basic processors to the launchpad and back out to the advanced processors.

P2 will be routed from the advanced processors to the launchpad.

The command center has no role to play in this colony beyond supplying CPU and power. The number of extractor heads you can deploy will depend on your command center upgrade skill - you’ll want level 4 to support a P2 production setup like the example. Each processing step reduces the volume and the launchpad will fill up with P2. A storage unit is unnecessaty in most setups - it basically consumes CPU and power that can more effectively be used for extractor heads.

Good luck.


hi @Rolo_Tsuruomo

cool you make PI … it can be ver good and easy isk

you should get your buildings as near to each other as possible … the connections between the buildings need power too … if they are long you can build less stuff or have less extractors …

i usually have 2 extractors, 4 basic factories, 1 or 2 advanced factories, 1 storage, 1 spaceport, of corse the command center and then 6 or 7 extractor heads per extractor building


Thanks for that information! This helped a bit.

Another question, say I have PI somewhere far away, is there anyway I can cancel all of the stuff on it without flying to it.

You can decommission your command center from any range (at least any range I’ve tried) that will wipe out the colony so you can build a new one closer to your base. You can also manage your colonies from any range I’ve tried. You need to actually be in system to launch.

That worked thanks! I feel like I’m entering a whole new world now!

Sorry to disturb, why don’t you have any storage units in that diagram?

Because each stage of processing reduces the volume, you don’t need a storage unit. The theoretical maximum for the example (which you are unlikely to achieve outside Nullsec) is 12,000 units of P0 producing 160 units of P1 producing 10 units of P2 per hour. As long as you balance your extractors so you don’t get a buildup of P0 or P1 they will be consumed as fast as they are produced and the launchpad will slowly fill up with P2. You’ll need to harvest every couple of weeks. Eliminating the storage unit frees up enough CPU & power for a couple more extractor heads - letting you get closer to that theoretical maximum!

Edit: You do need to buffer your extractors and processors - route everything through the launchpad.

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