PI, Do you have to route every source?

If I have several sources of the same material ‘incoming’ to a hub where I want to reroute them, do I have to route every single source, or can I just route one of each type of material to wherever I want it to go and it will draw upon anything spare that happens to be in that storage unit? I could probably figure this out somehow on my own but I want to save myself that mind-melting experience if possible.

Route stuff to storage, it will just combine into big “source” there and then just route it from the storage to where ever you need to use it.

An efficient PI setup will route

  • P0 from Extractor to Launchpad
  • P0 from Launchpad to basic industry facility
  • P1 from basic industry facility back to launchpad - works because processing reduces volume
  • P1 from launchpad to advanced industry facility (if you are making P2 - or launch to POCO)
  • P2 back to launchpad for transfer to POCO. Also reduces volume.

Keep your links as short as possible - they consume a lot of power which will be the limiting factor in most setups.


This only works if your extraction rate isnt insanely high, else you should put a seperate storage facility between the extractor abd the P0->P1 factory.

If you dont, P0 can fill up your launchpad and your processed materials will go poof since there isnt any room for them.

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