PI Routing Updates Take Forever

I have 12 planets with 2-day cycles for each installation. After moving the heads I end up having to route the unrouted volume. The max routing allotment is 3,000, so I have to create multiple routes. If I change to a new source type I end up having to create a dozen routes.
Is there a way to increase how much you can put into a single route so I don’t have to create so many? I tried increasing the capacity of the link but that didn’t work.

With my regular planets I have 1 Launchpad, 1 Storage and 6 or 7 BIFs, I route the extractor stuff to the storage, Storage to the BIFs, BIF’s to the Launchpad. I set for 3 day cycles but reset after 2, if the LP is getting full with end product I move it up to the POCO and collect once a week.

What is your set up, why do you have to route anything other than what you have going to the factories?

You are routing directly into the factories, that is why you have a max. routing allotment.

Put a storage in between and everything is going to be fine.

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It does sound like you are not buffering your product. Route P0 from extractors to launchpad (or storage), from launchpad to basic factories and P1 from basic factories back to launchpad. If you’re making P2 route P1 from launchpad to advanced factory and P2 back to launchpad.

You should only need to touch your routes if you move an extractor.

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