PI Routing of Extractors is excessive work

I’m sure this has been suggested before but routing an extractor requires over 12 routes to address all material transported to the Industry Facility. It only takes 1 to route out the facility to either another facility or the space station. When it take 5 clicks for one route this results in over 50 mouse clicks for one extractor. Why can’t the routing for extractors be one route for all material?
It is actually painful if you are setting up PI for 3 alts on a total of 18 planets (18 * 50 = 900). Changes in the PI only add to the pain if you have to delete and add a new extractor.

Update: the click count is much higher than I thought.
The following is for one planet. I did a lvl 2 on a Lava planet:
Heavy Metal: 40 routes
Non-CS Crystals: 20
Clicks: 40 + 20 * 5 = 300 clicks just to route 2 extractors
An additional <20 additional clicks to setup the other components

I do PI on 41 planets in a WH, I’ll admit ive not counted the clicked but it I am pretty sure it isnt 300 clicks to do the routes. The only time when there ar emuch longer routes is when you set up the planet in the 1st place, even there it isnt 300. Do you have screen shots and a step by step explanation of how you are routing

I would do one route from the extractor to a silo.
Then the clicks start to add up as I route from the silo to the processors, etc.

Setting up the planet is a known click-fest.

PI = ‘Money for nothing, and your clicks for free!’ :grinning:

This is a typical planet of mine, i estimate sub 30 clicks, that includes dropping the command centre, the BiFs and the links between BiFs which you only need to do once. then every time i move the extractor another 12 clicks, 10 for the heads, one for the link and 1 the drop the extractor in a new area.

yes setting up a planet is a click fest, but not even close to 300 clicks

this is a close up of the links, no idea where you are getting the numbers you are saying. Factory planets have more intiial links but then you dont need to touch them again


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