Planetary Industry needs fewer clicks

Planetary industry has always required an extremely high number of clicks. Even after the somewhat recent changes, the number of clicks is still extreme.
I’d like to suggest more automation.

  1. For example, basic industry always makes only 1 product from 1 input. I suggest just routing an input to the basic industry, and have the basic industry automatically configure itself to output the proper product.
  2. Also, whenever an extractor changes what it is extracting, it cuts all the routes. I suggest keeping the routes, and just changing the product that is travelling along the route. IE: The route is for whatever the extractor is extracting rather than choosing the product and then where it goes each time.
  3. It would be really nice to be able to create a template we can apply, or some way to configure multiple factories to do the same thing. Basically, choosing the input and output routes for a factory, and then applying those same routes to other factories easily.

Dude, pi is already really easy to set up, once you have it set up, not many clicks are needed. (Unless you are multiboxing 20 pi accounts, but thats different). -1 because PI is alreayd basically passive isk income

You probably aren’t changing what you are extracting on planets.
I change what I extract on planets, and it takes a lot of clicks to change each basic industry, set up all the routes, move the extractors, place all the heads where I want the heads to be, etc.

No shortcut keys are available, so each route takes 6 clicks (Select starting structure, click storage button, click item to route, click create route button, click destination structure, click create route again), with 2 routes (minimum) per basic industry, about 10 basic industries per planet.

This means to change just the basic factories, it’s 6x2x10=120 clicks. This doesn’t include moving the extractor to a new spot, nor moving any materials around. This is just on 1 planet.

I disagree with your statement. I suspect you just set up your basic industries once, and never extract different things on your planet.

They already halfed the amount of clicks a year ago. You kids completely ignore how good you have it, always demanding more and more and more as if you somehow deserved it. Spoiled brats!

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Do you see any reason to not reduce the clicks required to do things in the PI?

I mean, take a look at #1 that I mention.
Right now, you have to (numbered by clicks):

  1. Click the basic factory.
  2. click schematics
  3. scroll to what you want, or start typing the name in a list of everything the basic factory can do
  4. click the schematic
  5. click the schematic again quickly (double click) or click install
  6. Click the storage facility
  7. click the storage button
  8. click the material
  9. click the material again quickly (double click) or click create route
  10. Click the basic factory
  11. click the create route button
  12. Select the basic industry
  13. click the products button
  14. click the output material
  15. click the output material again quickly (double click) or press create route
  16. pick the destination storage
  17. click create route

That’s for 1 basic factory and nothing else.

My suggestion is:

  1. Click the storage facility
  2. click the storage button
  3. click the click the material
  4. click the material again quickly (double click) or click create route
  5. Click the basic factory
  6. click the create route button

If you’ve never used this basic factory before, you can route the output too.
7) Select the basic industry
8) click the products button
9) click the output material
10) click the output material again quickly (double click) or press create route
11) pick the destination storage
12) click create route

It’s either 1/3 or 2/3 the number of clicks it was before, and doesn’t include searching through a list, or typing anything to find the schematic because the basic factory will know exactly what the schematic has to be as soon as the input is routed to it.

Yes, I do see a reason not to reduce the amounts of clicks yet again.

  • There’s people who actually like it. They’re probably weird people, but they must exist, because a) Clicker games exist, b) there’s games where clicking a lot is just the norm and people play them.
  • It’s been halfed last year.
  • Less clicks = less time = less effort. The reason why this is a point is because PI is pretty much afk ISK making except for the clicks and picking up the stuff, which does not take the majority of time.

It’s not supposed to be an effortless way of making isk and any further reduction in clicks also means a further reduction in clicks effort.

Can you try thinking about the bigger picture? Imagine you get what you want and they half the amount of clicks again. Woohoo, you’re happy. In six months max someone else, who had no idea that PI once involved four times the amount of clicks, will come and declare that the amount of clicks is too high.

Should he, then, too get what he wants?
Why should he not, but you should?

And if he gets what he wants, we’ll eventually ending up with PI being a few clicks only and pretty much everyone making passive ISK for barely no efforts at all.

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