Planetary Industry QoL Improvements

Planetary Industry QoL Suggestions:

The long and the short of it is that planetary industry requires too many needless clicks of the mouse. Clicks which are not necessary and poorly designed. Its not fun having to do 9 mouse clicks to achieve something that could easily be done in 1 or 2. It makes the entire interaction tedious and poor game design.

Suggestion 1 : Planetary Industry : A button to destroy the planets industry without having to actually go into the planet, find the command center and then delete it.

If i have to move space and redo 6 planets on each PI character i can just click 6 buttons instead of what is currently 6 (9 clciks) steps per planet.

  1. double click to enter planet
  2. double click to find command center
  3. click comand center
  4. click X button
  5. click submit
  6. right click then click exit planetary view

Suggestion 2: Give the option to place a command center without entering planetary view. I get that it can be used to eject wares into space, but i doubt that many people actually use it for that. For the vast majority that dont, let us place it and interact with it from the PI planet viewer window.

Let us place command centers and upgrade them through this window. The command center can then be placed in the center of the default planetary view.

This way we can get our command centers and drop them on all the planets and upgrade them before going in to the planetary view.

Suggestion 3: Planetary templates. Let us copy, paste, share planet set ups. If im putting down 20 p0-> p2 planets and i have the exact same shape for basic/advanced factory + storage + launch pad. Let me just paste it down and rotate it to me new extractor set up. Or for those with extractor planets its even a greater set up saving.

Obviously the extractor placement cant be set up. But the non extractor buildings + connections should be able to be copy pasted and shared so that its less of a pain to set up. If there isnt enough power etc on the planet then show an error when placing.

suggestion 4: Add a placeholder PI output in the storage/launch pad location once the output flow has been submitted so we can link the input to the factories as required without having to first wait for the storage facility to have enough goods in there. The pending input doesnt need a qty simply that it will be going there. Then we can select it as an input in our factories.

Currently we have to have a cycle of extractors finish to be able to set up each stage of the chain.

ie set extractor → wait 15 minutes for first cycle → set factory p1 input - > wait 30 minutes → set factory p2 input etc etc etc etc

Its annoying and makes PI painful

Suggestion 5: Allow resetting of extractors from planet viewer window.
A simple reset extractors button: Will reset the timer on the extractors without moving the extractor heads. The timer will be reset to the previously set time on each extractor

the equivalent now is to:

  1. go to View planetary industry
  2. click extractor
  3. click stop, click start
    3a) Repeat for each extractor if multiple
  4. click submit
  5. right click exit planetary industry

For the 4th suggestion currently you dont have to do that just click on the routs tab of the storage facility organize by type click on the incoming then create route outside of that i agree with most of these points

thanks for the tip on number 4, ive only been doing PI for 5 years and didnt know i could do that rip

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I think PI is supposed to be awful – the trade-off for making money while not being logged in (though you still have to safely transport and sell this stuff). That said, I whole-heartedly agree that running PIs day-to-day is needless click-fest. I would like, for example:
Hold down Shift + click on Factories to select as many as you need and change Installs and routes on them simultaneously
Have some way to auto-change all or some Factories to match a new Extractor input whenever it changes
Be able to move structures


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