Improved Planetary Industry

I find the UI for Planetary Industry incredibly unfriendly. There are two features that wold improve that activity significantly.

1 - It would be very helpful to be able to select multiple factories and then select the product to be installed in it. With 24 factories and at least 4 clicks to change a product, it is tiresome, time consuming, painful if not cause of carpel tunnel, to have to do it one factory at a time.

Similarly, with multiple factories selected, it would be nice to also change the product routing rather than one at a time.

2 - When changing the product to be produced, i.e. Installed, why does the product routing have to change. It would be hugely helpful to leave the output routing alone. It shouldn’t matter what is being produced. If it needs to change, the user can always change it as needed.

With these 2 changes it would be VERY MUCH easier to change products more readily from day to day.

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