Multiple routes in PI

Don’t know if this has been discussed before, but i’d like to know if there’s a way to create multiple routes to factories without all these clicks.

Example: I have some planets for specialized P2 production. That means i import 10.000m3 of P1, then have 18 advanced factories and a storage facility. So i have to click on each of the 18 factories, setup what they are going to produce and then route 36 times from the spaceport (18 X 2).
Of course if the factories were to produce the same P2 eternally, that would not be a problem, however i need to change the production every 2 days in order to have a P2 balance.

Can we have a “press shift” button in order to send all the input materials to their factories but without the pain of clicking so much?

currently, no there isn’t any method for doing that. and having set up MANY MANY planets I can understand your pain. my question is though, why are you needing to change that planets production so often in the first place. just set up another factory planet.

they have recently done a QOL pass to PI, (and it is SOOOOO much better now although could still use some work) one potential issue I could see with the “Auto-route all” button is that while it might work fine for a single product planet, or with your particular setup. there are a bunch of different ways and combinations of factories that can be used, and while i’m sure from a coding side it wouldn’t be impossible to make it work. its an added layer of complexity to what needs to be sorted and figured out server side, when instead they can just let you set things up exactly the way you want.

now one QOL that I would love to see, and would probably be easier to implement, is when creating routes, being able to for example, hold shift and select multiple destinations and have it create a route for each selected destination instead of having to go back into the inventory each time. serves the same purpose as your suggestion, requires a few more clicks than yours, but far less than we need to do now, and doesn’t put much if any additional burden on the back end.


I have thought indeed about using the secondary and tertiary chars in the account to setup specialized P2 planets, however this would require 24 P2 planets, one for each item. Plus the 6 basic planets that extract and immediatly convert to P1 plus the specialized P4. That’s 31 planets total. :slight_smile:

That’s 2 full omega accounts doing nothing else but hauling PI materials from hangars to planets and planets to hangars. This is supposed to be a game, not a job :slight_smile: The setup i mentioned in the op is not bad, just the multiple route button is missing. In any case, when you press the “submit” button, the server receives all 36 routes, wether i created them one by one, whether i used the hypothetical “multiple route”.

Not to mention finally that 24 P2 planets working constantly will eventually deplete any stock of P1, thus erasing any possibility of self-sufficiency and i’d need to roam the markets to replenish stocks.

Why do you need that many?

I mean I run 80 extraction planets and 21 factory planets. So not judging. Just wondering what you are doing that you would need ALL p2s on such a weird rotating schedule. Since there might be better ways to do it.

There are low maintenance ways to do PI - make P2, adjust extractors 2 or 3 times a week and harvest weekly (Nullsec) or every 2 weeks (Highsec) - it takes a couple of minutes per colony per week. There isn’t much need to go beyond P2 from a financial point of view and high value commodities like transmitters, miniature electronics, mechanical parts, etc… are easily made on 1 planet. I have a couple of factory planets making Robotics and Guidance Systems because I use my PI to build drones - if I was selling it, I’d simply make P2.

I build tataras and ihub upgrades for a living :slight_smile: 1 tatara per month pay for booze and girls and the ihub upgrades pay the plex :slight_smile: But the post was made with the future patch in mind. Bridges, jammers and cyno beacons will require a huge amount of PI i predict. So better have the stock filled up by then :slight_smile:

So essentialy i need every type of PI available in game.

in that case I would definitely suggest training up all the characters on your account, possibly set up some extra accounts, otherwise you might want to look into nanite repair paste. its got great profit margins, moves quickly, and you can set up enough planets to pump out the PI for it 24/7 with minimal fiddling on a single account.

its also WAY smaller in m3 than the components, so if your shipping from null it will cut down on shipping costs, or if you do it in WH’s it makes mass concerns practically non-existent.

you could probably buy enough PI to continue your tatara production just with the isk from the repair paste, and with a hell of a lot less work.

Yes, well, i’m gonna think about a nice solution. All my structure bpos are 10/20 (except Tatara) and my personal raitaru is rigged with the M-Set Structure Manufacturing Material rig, so i get nice discounts when building anyways. The only thing missing is the multiple route button :slight_smile:

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