Planetary industry creating route upgrades route if it exists

I’d like to suggest if you create a route between two planetary industry structures that it upgrades the route if the route already exists. (Right now, it just displays an error message saying the route already exists)
It is very difficult and time consuming to find the 1 pixel that is the route between two adjacent structures, and clicking on the route often does nothing. I typically have to click the link 3 or 4 times before it allows me to select and upgrade the route. (Sometimes the map focuses on the base when I try this too since it thinks I double clicked on the planet).
It will be far easier if I can just create a route between them instead to upgrade said route.

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I agree that clicking on routes can be a pain, but I do not know what the best solution is.

This would indeed be easier than the current method of upgrading.

You can click the factory, and go to routes, then double click the route you want to upgrade. @Alyss_Rentori

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Now compare that to holding control and clicking twice. Maybe one more click for a dialogue box saying: 'would you like to upgrade this link?’

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