Planetary Industry QOL Suggestions

First off, i’ve been doing PI for over 12 years now, and running a setup that makes every single P4 for roughly 7 years.
With said setup i’ve built every single citadel ingame from Raitaru to a Keepstar in quantities that differ from 1 (Palatine memes aside)
So i might know a thing or two about PI :slight_smile:

PI have always been a tedious click fest, always…
And likely always will be… which is fine, but lets see if we can make it a tiny bit less tedious.
All suggestions im about to make will not alter values, you wont spend more or less powergrid to make same setup, just the way it operates.

  1. Most important one imho, give Launch Pad an upgrade ability - for 700mw/500tf (Storage Facility price) extra 12000m3 capacity. And the ability to do so multiple times if needed.
    Numbers wise nothing changes, same price to have Launchpad + Storage just in a single building.
    In many cases it will be a MASSIVE reduction of daily amount of clicks a player will have to make.
    It will also give said player a choice on for example pure production planet, to have more factories or bigger storage capacity to check it less often.

  2. Less important, but why not. In case #1 is implemented, Just merge Launchpad with Command center,
    remove 700mw/3600tf from every command center (Launchpad price)
    Realistically does anyone ever runs PI without a launchpad?
    At this point storage/launchpad buildings become obsolete.

  3. Give buidlings ability to ‘snap’ to eachother in hexagonal and square shape.
    Just for OCD reasons for people who want their setups to look neat and clean and every building is within minimal distance from eachother (a tiny bit of extra PG saved there because links between them will be shortest possible)

  4. Give the ability to move entire setup to different place on a planet, for a price. Be it % of entire setup cost depending on distance, or full price doesn’t really matter. (Insert Gas Giant extraction memes…)
    Just so you wont have to delete everything but command center and build from groundup if your area is completely depleted, or you want to switch said planet to different type of resource.

  5. Give the ability ‘apply to all’ for example i built X amount of factiories on a planet, and they all will process same resource, i have to click on each of them to select resource, routes and so on.
    Give an option to do it on 1 factory and apply to every other. Just so it won’t be as soul crushing if you need to remake setup or build it from ground up.

  6. Least important of them all but still could be cool to have - Shareable template.
    For example you’ve made a setup with your main and wanna share it with all your alts or friends or newbros. Like this is template for extraction planet, this one for P1>P2 production planet and so on…

  7. Give players an ability to further upgrade POCO to increase its capacity. Make it cost x2-3-4 compared to basic upgrade cost. This might be useful to some.

  8. For the love of remaining braincells of PI people, reduce the POCO transfer cooldown by about half at least. Please.

All of the above, if implemented, will not change amount of resources players make, only the amount of PAIN they are going through on a daily basis.
I am not a game developer, or programmer so i can’t tell how easy or hard is it to implement, but seems rather easy.
I am not suggesting balance altering things here such as PI compression for example.

Just a rant from a person who’s been running ~100 planets on a daily basis for many years.


i have asked for almost all of these same things over the years!
the only other things i have asked for is an option to turn off planet colors. in some cases they overpwer the links and setups. or the scans. (not true for everyone, but some of us have weak eyes in our old age.
the other is the auto restart of extractors or reduce to a restart option at the interface instead of having to view, open extractor pop up, choose icon, then start then submit.

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The thing that I would like the most is to be able to save a template of a setup that can A: be shared with anyone and B: have the option when setting up a planet to have all basic factories use the same input (which you can change if desired)

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The only thing I want is to have a list of all the structures on the planet. Sometimes I just can’t find them and it’s very annoying. Oh I would also like that the power and cpu would always be visible.

The easiest way to find them is to build close to your command center. While a command center doesn’t need to be linked for a PI setup to work (unless you wish to use the tiny launchpad of the connand center), when you open a PI planet it automatically zooms in on your command center.

Initially I didn’t build next to the CC either, but when I figured that out I’ve always been building next to the CC; it has saved me a lot of searching for buildings over the years.

Sometimes good extraction spots spawn very far from my command center so that’s not possible. Normally it’s easy to see your buildings but on lava/plasma planets it’s very easy to miss. I think having a list of all buildings should be fairly easy to implement too.

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the only thing you may need to move if the extraction spot is very far from your factories is a storage unit although deends where you are doing PI, I do it in WH space and I imagine Null would maybe need that sometimes too. that way i can upgrade the link to the storage, and keep the link from the storage to the BIFs longer and not using up much resoources



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