Planetary Interaction QoL suggestions

New PI planet-overview is awesome, how about updating PI itself as well?

Extreme clickfestival fix:

  • “apply changes” thingy is unnecessary
  • extractors could be fully automatic (like processors) or set to auto-repeat
  • window already extended after clicking on a facility (1 less click)

Processors/ extractors pulling/ putting stuff automatically from available storage?

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CCP has figured out that low effort, high reward activities are not good for the game. If you want to reduce the PI workload you can extend your programs. Less effort will result in lower reward.

PI is surprisingly well balanced against CCPs stated objectives - resources are dynamically redistributed on each planet and reward is proportional to effort. I doubt that it will be revisited in the near future.

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I get that part… but there are aspects of PI that feel like unnecessary clicking and a bit weird.

For example imagine if each time you opened ship inventory it opened half a window and you’d have to click on ship name to get actual inventory.

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they did recently a few years ago minimize half the clickfest that PI was.

They gave us a QoL update a couple of years ago which dramatically reduced the number of clicks required. People complaining now probably don’t remember the old interface! That said, there is always room for improvement but I don’t see it as a high priority - there is lots of old content in greater need of attention.

Biggest problem I see with PI at the moment is lack of demand for the product. Prices have dropped roughly 25% over the past year and producers are stockpiling the product in hopes of a turnaround. Biggest consumer of PI are structures and CCP haven’t been encouraging people to build more structures recently! Improving the interface would likely make the over supply situation worse.

PP need to be left alone, maybe made even more complicated. The easier something is, the more folks will do, the less ISK it’ll be worth.

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I’d like to add this to the list as well.

  1. Make PI something that can be saved in a fitting. This way a person can quickly restock a transport for for manufacturing planets.
  2. Consider adding a skill requirement for flying the Epithal. Say Interplanetary Consolidation V. Turn the planetary commodities hold into a normal cargohold so you don’t have to add it to the ship Fitting tool.

These two things would make managing large PI farms tremendously more efficient which would mean more time doing other things like blowing each other up. :wink:

  1. You you mean save whole planet’s facility layout and connections? This would indeed make setting up 10000x easier. As it is now I avoid re-doing PI on new location simply because setting it up on even 1 character makes my finger hurt.
  2. idk how and why that would help, the t1 specialized gallente ships are ok as they are :slight_smile:

Submitting changes is not unnecessary. It’s even listed in the tips section of the EVE Uni Wiki:
Planetary Interaction - EVE University Wiki

“Until you click the “submit” button, no actual changes are made to your colony. This allows you to experiment with different setups without committing to them.”
You can fiddle around with setups and times before spending ISK or committing to the timeframes.

That’s a little too plug and play. If it was that easy to make passive ISK then what’s the point?

You can double click on any structure to go to it’s default page i.e. extractors go to the extraction program.

What happens when you log back in and find a customs office changed to 50% tax and drained your bank account exporting P4s over the week? Also it might be possible to accidentally make a loop of automatic import/exports with the wrong setup. That would make people very unhappy.

PI is supposed to take work just like any other activity in EVE. Right now I have 4 planets set up and it takes me less than 5 minutes to reset extractors, and less than 15 to transport materials when necessary. As is it’s almost like making free ISK once set up.


It bugs me that I can’t change a whole group of my processors as a batch. Seems like I should be able to group them, and tell them all at once to take X item from the storage shed (same one for all of them anyway) and then send Y completed outcome to another storage shed.

The processor batch thing isn’t a concern to me. It remembers my previous settings so I don’t have to do much. Although of course I run weekly cycles.

If you reset it everyday you get more, but doesn’t that cause the planet to deplete also?

With all the clicking, I get the feeling the workers on your planet are all union workers.

You have to be really specific about everything, or else they just stand around and collect their hourly wage for doing nothing.

(This gets mentioned somewhat when you do expedited transfer, and they tell you the “stevedores” are still busy with your previous request.)

Those are both really good ideas.

Although maybe they could just make a Tech2 version for the Epi.

As with anything in EVE, automation of gameplay features is bad. Setting up your planet is part of the gameplay and shouldn’t be automated.

The only thing that makes doing PI worth it right now is the fact that many people are too lazy to set up yet another planet, or too lazy to reset their extractors.

Automate both of those and you will get free stuff without any effort, and so does everyone else, which means it’s all worth 0 ISK.

  1. Apply changes is needed only once per setting up your entire planet. Much like the button ‘Fit to ship’ works after simulating your ship. It works as intended and should not be changed.

  2. Extractors should not be automatic. Did you understand nothing about the choice you need to make about 1 hour high value cycles vs many day lower value cycles in PI? Higher effort = higher reward. Automation means no effort, means it should give no reward. If you cannot handle to update your extractors daily, try a larger cycle instead?

  3. I agree that this is a bit annoying. Luckily you can doubleclick a facility to open it immediately, although this sometimes fails under certain angles, which I’d like to see fixed some day. But no high priority.

  4. Automation of pulling from and putting in storage. Well, you know what I think of adding more automation to PI by now: no support.

PI is in a decent place of effort vs reward and once you’ve put in some initial effort you gain a lot of value for very little extra effort. No need to change that.

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The QoL I wanted was that the buildings could not overlap automatically and neither did the extraction heads.
1d, 2d, etc. buttons to select the duration of the program would also help a lot, the slider is horrible.

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