Planetary Interaction - Quality of Life Update

These suggestions are a guideline, interpret as necessary or draw inspiration from.
With PI being more important than ever before, It seriously need an overhaul, I hope it helps generate ideas or spark something for the Devs out there <3

  • Access List Control
    • Enable you to link select Character(s) PI Bays from POCOs/Skyhooks via an ACL, allowing collection from a central admin character
  • Automated Routing
    • When you have Factories, Extractor(s) & a Viable space port placed, some kind of button you can press that automates the routing and recipe selected for factories determined by the Extractor’s extraction recipe
  • Templates
    • Allow you to copy/edit/design a select layout or setup for a Planet, allowing ease of access and quicker set-up time to reduce clicks per minute
  • Planetary Snap Grid
    • Allow planet nodules to be placed via a snap feature allowing pin-point precise set-up
  • Extractor Set-all
    • A button that allows you to auto-set as many extracting nodes as the planet CPU/PWG can handle with the click of a button
  • Extractor Time Field
    • A time field box where you can type in the extraction length manually