PI Enhancments

(Breaker19) #1

An area to discuss potential areas to improve Planetary Iteration - User interface and functionality improvement Ideas

(MacGregor Ortis) #3

I don’t get this idea. How you want to control spreed of them if you have them multi selected? Range of extractor is not so big. You need to drag an position them manualy anyway to get best profit. PI is mini game. For me it is still to complicated.

Best improvement will be something like “governor screen” where you with only few click you can manage ale your planets. Something like have “Endless Space” games.

(Breaker19) #4

Thanks for the response MacGregor. You are correct in that you will want to manually adjust extractor heads to maximize extraction.

An appropriate application for this recommendation is when you have a depleted extraction site and you need to move all your extraction heads to a new location. Currently I have to drag each one individually across a wide spread area. It would be much simpler to do a multi-select and drag the entire group to the new location then manually adjust for maximum yield. I hope that explains it.

(ITTigerClawIK) #5

more of a fix but i want it so that i don’t have to put in 1,000,000 Raw mats into the planetary customs office twice and wait for the dam cool down timer every single time i go pull up processed mats from my planet and put in the new raw mats. its annoying as hell and takes up valuble time

(Lulu Lunette) #6

So if I’m reading this right, it would be like click + dragging to select multiple folders on your desktop and move all your heads at once? It’s a neat idea

(Breaker19) #7

Yes. And additionally similar to when you have your tactical overlay enabled in space. if you scroll out you can hold your cntl + left mouse button and drag the mouse to select multiple targets.

(Hatsuharu Sohma) #8

Reduce Power and CPU requirements of Links, please, i may put down on a area of high resources but after that is done i have to move, i don’t want to keep having to uproot everything just because i have links spanning 1/4 of a planet

(Tenar Molnak) #9

My question for ccp is : what can’t we play this on tablet/ smartphone?
Perfect for that …could play eve at work, between classes etc…why not a mobile app for PI?

(Gryd) #10

Of all the changes i could think of, this hast never crossed my mind. With the extractor Head it doesnt make sense at all…or did i Not understand the proposal?

… edit: sorry! But still i would prefer: a Routing grid Editor, estimated running time with current Routing, mass assigning industry facilities, launch Planner, mailings on expiry/Ending queues/missing material, …

(Do Little) #11

All of these ideas would have the net result of letting us harvest more PI with less effort - which would result in lower prices. Make PI hard so fewer people want to participate in the activity letting those of us who stick with it earn higher profits.

My biggest QOL issue with PI is the slider for program duration - give it some reasonable click stops and I’ll be happy!

(Hatsuharu Sohma) #12

I would love some Improvement to PI, my god has it not seen much.

For one I would love to rename launchpads so I know what is in them, reduce the power/CPU load of links, and just some UI TLC would be wonderful.

How about a list of structures(factories, links, launchpad, etc) I have when I’m looking a the planet so I can select what i want from a list instead of clicking on the UI icon.

Anyone else have some ideas?

(Nick Mercury) #13

yeah why not, and then we could also send our followers on missions!