Planetary Interaction Fitting Saves

Imagine if we could save our current planetary structure arrangements and routes just like we do ship fittings. Then, instead of setting every single detail for each planet that each character uses. I could basically copy and paste my best setups on new characters and planets.
Think about it… save your entire system of structures and routes and a template to be one-click reused.
Also, why cant we save or have general extractor head layout templates kinda like probe scanning used to have.


So p.i. kind of sucks. But the less sucky you make it, the more people will do it, thereby reducing profits.

Might be okay if there was no way to share setups. But if you allowed them to be shared like fits, pi prices would probably take a big hit.

No thanks.

Yes, it’s a lot of clicking to set a planet up once, but that same clicking stops a lot of of my possible competition from doing the same because they are lazy.

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Oh god so much this.

Id probably do it if you could.

I would like to vote “No”
I like clicky things, keeps my A.D.D. busy :slight_smile:

While it might be nice there is a reason this wouldn’t work. The setups on different planets might have the same “layout” but the radius of the planets are different causing differing usage from the connections. On a large planet such as a gas planet they can use much more power than on a small planet due to the extra distance even though visually they look the same. This means the same “fit” might not exactly be possible on other planets.

I know the problem, one of my fits uses 99.9% CPU on the smallest planetary radius and so doesn’t fit on a larger one.

Shouldn’t be a problem if the template was in design view and you couldn’t save it if there was too little grid/CPU.

All times better than current possibilities.