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Hoping someone can help. There used to be a (program / feature) on Anokis.is that when you clicked on it all of the PI that could be made would be shown in a very simple and easy to read format. I dont know what it was called but maybe someone knows of it or has used it. I assume it has been removed or deleted but hoping there is another that is the same or very simular.


Maybe this helps:


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i have that 1 but its not the one.
When you clicked on the link in anokis.ts all its showed was all the pi that could be made from that system.

Thanks anyways


Perhaps this is it? I personally use it quite often when I set my PI up

Okay, I know what you mean. I used to do that on www.eveplanets.com but sadly that page is dead.

Maybe this is something for you as a replacement: http://eveplanetaryplanner.com/

I have not checked it but it seems to be a standalone program like EVE IPH. Last update was in late 2020 so it should be uptodate still.

This is what i use yes and have been for a while. The link that used to be there just showed what PI that was possible to be made in that system with the planets there.
TY anyways

i use the PI page in fazenda. sorry i dont have the link to post

I could possibly make up a spreadsheet to do what your looking for

Probably Eveplanets.com. Im really sad its gone :frowning:

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A corp mate found this page recently. It has a system checker with which you can check production capabilities like in EVE planets and you have a a few more goodies like planetary setup simulator.

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Amazing! Thank you for sharing! The “system checker” tool is what eveplanets used to be. It shows you what can be made in a system. Really helpful.

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