EvePlanets.Space - a classic styled PI site

Having been a heavy user of the old EvePlanets dot com (back when it was somewhat safe to use), I’ve longed for a quick and simple site like that again. Finally decided to put some skills to use and publish a clean site in a similar style, useful for quickly getting system data back. Trying to keep it exceedingly mobile friendly as well.


In keeping with that old site, I even included listing that elusive ninth P4 product, the Fuel Block.

There is one update that I’ve included so far, a list of adjacent systems with a feature that I’ve seen requested over the years (and I always wanted myself).


Mark one or more of the adjacent systems, click the button, and the list of PI products recalculates based on all of the available planets among them.

Still debating what else I might work into the site. Maybe autocomplete help for entering system names. Probably wait to see what comes up.


Thanks! Thats really useful!

This is the very thing I was looking for after the eveplanets dod com was infected.
Hope you keep updating the website. Thanks !

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