Better eveplanets search engine?

So I’m trying to find a set of planets in a system to do PI so i can make a P4 material all in one system, and i can find out how to look if a system will have the planets i need using eveplanets. the problem is i can never seem to find one by roaming from system to system in a cloaky scanning ship, and wormhole systems take up half the page of eveplanets when you have them all in front of you. i ask if there’s already a reference to look these systems up by planet combination rather than system name by system name. narrowing the search down would help me greatly.

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Give this a whirl. It will show you the planets and what you can actually build in each system.


It’s not quite what you are looking for, but I think that doing something proximity based would be better so you don’t find the perfect system in the middle of nowhere, 80 jumps from where you are.

i said i used that, my problem is i can’t search systems via planet combinations.

within the first couple lines i could see there is a system that has all the planets except a storm and on my travels i saw a system with only one gas planet. what i want is a complete list of systems that would have all the planets i need so i can maybe find if any of these are desirable for me by cross referencing with zkill and another wh database

just probing to see if such a thing exists out there

My bad- you totally did. That’s what I get for answering questions before I’m done with my first cup of coffee :rofl:

What I’ve done for this, to identify what combos are where, is use Dotlan’s list of planets to see what is and what is close by. You can do this by constellation so, if something you need is next door, you can get to it. Here’s and example search:

Again, not perfect, but is that closer to what you are looking for?

Download the static db files from fuzzy’ s site. Pivot table like a boss.

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is there an actual link or would that require coding on my end?

Can’t remember which CSV sheets you need. Ask the Google, ask in 3rd party Dev forum, or @Steve_Ronuken for help.

Then its all about working the data in spreadsheet. Google pivot table for your spreadsheet program

mapDenormalize is the table with all the data in it. There’s a CSV available.

invTypes has the typeid to name link. (so you can work out ‘these are planets of each type’ and cut everything down.)

you might want mapSolarSystems for additional solar system info. (but all planets have their solar system name in them)

If you’re willing to do sql, I’d recommend using one of the database versions instead of messing with a spreadsheet.

select typename,md.solarsystemid,solarsystemname from mapDenormalize md join invTypes it on md.typeid=it.typeid join mapSolarSystems mss on md.solarsystemid=mss.solarsystemid where md.groupid=7 and md.solarsystemid<31000000

(then pivot it in a spreadsheet. because they do it better) for a very basic one with no filtering for security status and so on. kspace only


Just bear in mind you’re going to have to look around to supply system names in order for it to be useful. Granted, anything worth doing in eve requires you to do SOME sort of leg work.

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