Planets By Solar System

Is there a way to pull a list of planets and their types for a given solar system? The call to =EVEONLINE.SOLARSYSTEM() call does not return planet types, only the sun type. While you can pull a list of PI planets for a character, I can’t seen to find a way to pull planets for a solar system.

With the increased importance of plants in the upcoming expansion, this would be a very useful feature.

I don’t think its possible to get it through the Excel plugin.

It is available in the static data which can be downloaded from here, and then extracted:

Although on Github there is someone that provides a .csv file that they have extracted to save you the work:

Thanks for the info! Need to add that one to the “CCP Please” list.

Currently only the planets from characters PI planets are being fetched directly from ESI.

The file needed to be deployed alongside the addin seems to be 100mb so I’ll need to strip it down so it’s web friendly. I’ll add a ticket to investigate that possibility so we can have some way to get a planet list in the addin :smiley: