ESO Planetary. Request for data completion as exposed by XML

Hi all,

I have found that the new upcoming of the XML deprecation will remove much if the current information exposed by the Planetary Interaction XML api calls.

Just as an example while the entry line for a Colony at the XML will provide all this information: ( /char/PlanetaryColonies.xml.aspx )

The new ESI api call will be as sparse as this sample: ( /characters/{character_id}/planets/ )
“solar_system_id”: 30003283,
“planet_id”: 40208301,
“planet_type”: “lava”,
“owner_id”: 92223647,
“last_update”: “2017-07-20T19:14:27Z”,
“upgrade_level”: 4,
“num_pins”: 11

We will be able to locate the name of the system but not able to go beyond that point.

I request the CCP impRoves the resulting data for Planetary to at least be able to show application users some meaningful information and not just identification numbers.

Thank you.

First you get:
Then you get: (for each planet)

You will only get IDs from ESI, you can use the universe/names: to resolve most of the IDs

Thank you.
I was missing the universe names. But it seems that Planetary is only one example of the difference in data contents from the XML api (full featured info) to the also deprecated Crest (much less information) to the new ESI api (basic information).

If you find any data missing (not counting names that are now ids) from XML/CREST you should make a new issue on github. They promised parity, so, if they missed something, I’m sure they will add it if possible.

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