PI Tool To See What You Can Make?

Is there something you can use to plug in what mats you currently have to see what is available for you to produce.

Something that would show values as well. I have been collecting P1 and may want to see what I can produce from it.


Maybe not quite what you’re looking for, but give this a shot:


Hover your mouse over a material and it will show you productions flows both up and downstream, what planets can produce said products, and highlight missing components for specific material production.

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Thanks… I do use that and I will prob have to do it manually. Prob not a lot of need to do what I am doing. :):smiley:

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Something to review. Note, he including youtube tutorials :smiley:


His work is excellent. I am glad he shared it with the community.


So looking at Adam4Eve.

Polytextiles would be negative to manufacture over selling the P1?

I’m doing this a WH if that matters. (Tax rate 2.5%)

Someone was asking about similar tools in chat yesterday too.
The problem with making a tool that takes in a list of mats, and tells you what you could make, is that some mats are so common it would tell you “you can make anything and everything”.

It’s easier to figure out what you want to make first, and then find a way to get those mats. Or when it comes to PI in particular, look up the planets you have available, and then figure out what you can make from those.


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Thanks… I ended up writing it out and will give that a go… I figured out how to use http://evehelper.tk

And that is exactly what happened to me.

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Be careful of that site thou I remember it tried to do data mining using my cpu while the web page was open not sure if it was removed.

If you’re in a WH, I found this helpful: http://eveplanets.com/

You can tell it what system your in, and it will list what you’re able to produce with the available planets.


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I’ve found this to be helpful: https://hanns.io/pi/

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The issue of PI is that your extractors will produce more or less depending on their distance to the storage.
So from a planet to another, and from a week to another, and from an extraction delay to another (2D, 1w, etc.) it can change a lot.
THEN you also have to specify your tax rate (and concord rate if in HS).

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