PI tool to break down what you need

(Kelly Torres) #1

I have been looking all over google to find a PI tool to help me calculate the number of resources needed to run my PI with no luck.
Does anyone know of a spreadsheet or a program that i can input what i want and it will break down the list of what i need.

So for example robotics.
If i wanted to run 1 production facility for 24hrs how much P2 P1 P0 would i need.

(Hakaru Song) #2

3000 P0 makes 20 P1
40 P1 makes 5 P2

do the math

(Shriven Intaki) #3

There are a few ‘public’ PI spreadsheets out there - take a look at this one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DeeC3m8pVYV2AhshlKZ3XevtEJJimtUss3qTcpf9YCg/edit#gid=0

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(Wormhole Walter) #6

Is the math correct?
it takes 2 p1 tp make 5 p2 so he would need 40/40

or am i looking at it wrong?

(Andrew Indy) #7

Really just need this from the site linked.