Working out PI needs/Prices

I am looking for a PI calculator that shows me the cheapest way to make an item.

For example; Let say I need 5000 guidance systems. I could either

Buy 5000 guidance systems from market

Buy Transmitters and Water-Cooled CPUs from market and run them through a PI setup to get the guidance systems

Buy all the P1 (Chiral Structures, Plasmoids, Reactive Metals and Water) make the Transmitters and Water-Cooled CPU and then in tern make the Guidance systems

I could go the full P0 upwards route but will leave that out for this example.

I want to see at a glance what would be the cheapest way to achieve those 5000 guidance systems including any Taxes and Costs from the methods I use (so PI tax, POCO tax etc) with the current market prices of those items from my nearest trade hub (in this case Jita).

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Thanks, i’ll check it out.

That seems very complicated, and the site doesn’t explain what each bit means even from the picture, or it does and i just don’t understand it, which is probably the case.

Look at the help image and video in the top row to the right. It was my bread and butter tool when running factory planets in Perimeter for profit - either that or your own spreadsheet.

TLDR: select product, select order type for input and output mats, do NOT set global tax, check the checkbox for each input mat you import and enter tax rate and broker fee if applicable at those nodes, enter tax rate and sales tax/broker fee at output node and check sigma (sum) value at the output node.
If the sigma (sum) value for an intermediate product gets negative, you want to import that instead of making it yourself.


OK, ill have to watch the video when at home, I did set the tax globally and will alter that and set individually.

however lets look at something simple like water. it seems to indicate an input of 3000 units to make 3000 units, but that isn’t the case, these quantities seem wrong at all levels, i looked at guidance systems, everything states the same number of input as you get as an output and that is wrong.

I think you get 3 guidance computers for every 40 p2 input (or something like that).

But ill watch the video though to see if that makes any more sense of it

It worked nicely for me, so cannot have been too wrong.

The 3k units in the water example is Aqueous Liquids - this is transfomed into 20 units of water in a Basic Industry Facility during one 30 min cycle.


Isnt it easier to use the good old spread sheet?
Simply one column for each of product1, product2, input number, tax, poco, product result, output number, market prices, and more then compare.

Just simple formula, copy them up, and you can change the prices and taxes and stuff. If you are experienced is spreadsheet, you might able to macro them.

It depends if you have a basic spreadsheet at hand which automatically pulls market data and does name/typeid conversion and if you just want to calculate one fixed PI chain or lots of different ones.

In the latter case, the adam4eve tool wins hands out and since you see the profit per step, you can easily see where the chain can be optimized by importing intermediate products.


I think the online tool would beat any spreadsheet that I could do, I tried the spreadsheet option yesterday, very basic, all the variables with Tax etc.

I didnt get a chance to few the video from home yesterday, perhaps tonight

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