EVE orchestra - mining & industry tool

Hey, my name is A’drian Torres and I would like to show you something I worked on for the last months.

I’ve only been playing EVE for a short time but I have found great pleasure in mining and industry. I had the feeling, that the in-game mining ledger is very basic and not helpful the way I thought it could be. So, I have developed a tool for these two areas of the game and hope you like it.

EVE orchestra

The tool should help all miners and industrialists to get better insights into their activities.

:rocket: Feature List

:busts_in_silhouette: Corp Management

  • Members
    • List of all members in corp
    • See who is opt-in for corp mining
    • Member permission management
  • Observers (Refineries)
    • List of all observers
    • Next extractions
  • Observer Detail View
    • Summarize of extractions (with performance indicators)
    • Detailed mining log
  • Corp Mining
    • Monthly summation
    • Mineral breakdown
    • Tax overview
    • List of members and their mining performance
  • Corp Mining Member Detail View
    • List of members characters
    • Detailed tax timeline (payments and bills)
    • Detailed mining log
  • Corp Industry Jobs

:factory: Industry

  • Jobs
    • List of all running jobs
    • Aggregated from all added characters
    • Clear indicator for done jobs
    • Also your installed corp jobs
    • Archive of all completed jobs
    • Calendar export (ical) for all common calendar applications
    • Configure avaible industry job slots
  • My Blueprints
    • List of all owned blueprints
    • Aggregated from all added characters
    • All lists are sortable and searchable!
    • Separated into BPOs and BPCs
  • Blueprint Calculator
    • Coming soon…

:safety_vest: Personal Mining

  • Mining Dashboard
    • Performance chart with volume and price data
    • Chart for volume mined per ore type (Veldpar, Kernite, …)
    • Charts for minerals mined
    • Adjustable period (months, weeks, days)
    • Summarized key performance indicators (total volume, total price, …)
    • Stable ore price calculation based on mineral prices
  • Reprocessing Calculatur

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Market

  • Three month market charts for mining resources

:key: Account Management

  • Characters
    • Add multiple characters
    • Detailed permission management. Grant permission per module (mining, industry, …) you want to use.
    • Minimal API permissions requested
  • Corp
    • Set mining tax rate for your corp

I have tried to tease the most important features on the home page: https://eve-orchestra.com

If you would like to try it out and give me feedback, I would be very happy :slight_smile:
I made this for the community and I hope that the tool can grow with your feedback. It is still in an early phase, so if you find any bugs, please let me know. I try to make everything as smooth as possible.

Discord: https://discord.gg/U3NywDA

At this point a big thank to my corp, who helped me to find my way into the game quite easily and who was always available with her knowledge.


Good tool. Thank you for creating it.

So far the features are good, I see there is lot more coming. I’m not into mining, but I’m planning to to industry stuff, and I’m loving the interface, its simple.

I however got a few suggestions.

  • Maybe its possible to add EVE time and date on the navigation bar above, so that it will be a bit easy for us from AUTZ and other timezones.

  • In the industry jobs window, a job location and structure/facility name would be nice.

  • maybe add a feature to collapse the sidebar.

All in all nice application.

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Hey, thank you for your feedback!

  • I added a little EVE time clock to the sidebar. Good idea. If you like to check it out, you will have to reload the page (and clear the cache)
  • Location for jobs and blueprints is planned.
  • Minimize the sidebar is add to the todo list

Glad to hear you’re liking it so far.


what about PI ledger? beat ccp

@A_Drian_Torres Forgot to meantion earlier, do you have a discord for this application?

I just found a bug where it shows industry job as done when it is in fact not (still got a day to go before finished).

Yes, I set up a discord server. Here you can contact me: https://discord.gg/PM89RP
Thank you for sharing this bug.

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@Yodik good idea, unfortunately there is no capable API endpoint for PI to get the necessary information :frowning:

As soon as this is possible I would definitely want to implement it.

:loudspeaker: Update

  • New features

    • Tour for freshly registered users (on character settings page - entry)
    • EVE-Time clock in the sidebar.
    • Archive tab for completed jobs. See all your completed jobs (since you are registered in the app).
  • Bug fixes

    • Corp mining API will now correctly sync the member list when permission given.
    • Fixed time zone problem in job status indicator.
  • Other

    • Added feature list in forum post.
    • Improved landing page.

some information is available, but is updated only after you have logged in to the planet ui (this is not accurate information), but neocom2 foe iOS such information is available…

Yes you’re right. There are some information available, but not equal to the mining ledger. I will try to extract something useful out of it.

Good work A’Drian Torres, this tool is good and really clear !
I tried to join your discord but invitation is no more valide, do you think it’s possible to fetch industries job from corporation ? (And reactions too).
And having the limit count : Reactions 4/11; Science Job : 2/5; Manufacturing job : 11/11 ?

@Hettere_Lema Hey, thank you for the positive feedback! Some good ideas, I’ll check what’s possible and add them to my list.
I also updated the discord link: https://discord.gg/U3NywDA (should never expire)

I want to check this out but I get stuck after login.

What could be causing that?

Edit: seems to be something in Edge. Firefox works fine

:loudspeaker: Update

  • New features

    • API status indicators in character cards now link to the eve login page.
    • Added “Add Character” box to the character settings page if only one character is registered.
    • API walls now redirect to settings page with preselecting the correct scope.
    • You’re now able to configure your avaible industry job slots. So you can see exactly which character has slots available on the jobs page.
      Screenshot_49 Screenshot_56
  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed that completed jobs tab was buggy when there are no completed jobs.
    • Observer (refineries) are now synchronized immediately if the necessary API has been added, not only with the next periodic update.
    • Corp mining page had bad caching settings so that previous months were not displayed correctly.
  • Other

    • Better scope selection / dropdown.

:loudspeaker: Update

Hi A’drian,
Would be a pleasure to check your tool. Would you mind to let us know where to get the source code and some install instruction in order to evaluate your tool on a self hosted environment please?

Hey @Rtg_Quack, thank you for your interest in my tool, I am very pleased.
Currently the source code is not yet public. I am still in the beta phase and would like to have reached a certain level with my tool before I think about it.

Currently I’m looking for more users who support my hosted beta and help me to advance the tool. :slight_smile:

Really liked the UI , however, i’m more interested in the blueprint calculator.

If you want to have your tool stand out from the rest, one nice feature would be to have a blueprint ranking system - price of the input materials vs price of output materials vs the total volume sold. API exposes market data and its easy to get all existing blueprints (BPOs, BPCs created from BPOs and BPCs such as the trig ones). However, i’m not sure it has an endpoint to retrieve the materials needed for a blueprint. I leave that for you to find out :slight_smile:

Anyway, nice tool. keep it up!

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:loudspeaker: Update

  • New features

    • Reverse Reprocessing: Enter minerals and see what you need to mine for this!
    • Market sites are now publicly available
    • The market pages can now be filtered and sorted by different criteria.
  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed a visual bug inside the reprocessing feature.
  • Other

    • Added orchestra to the 3rd party list from devfleet.
    • The reprocessing feature now merges entries of the same type.
    • The navigation of the orchestra app is now visible even if you are not logged in.

This looks like something I’ve been searching for, for a long time. You really do need to provide a self-host version though. This will bog down the moment it gets popular on a single service, and anyone going hard on industry won’t want to share their data with you. I can’t properly try this application as I don’t want to share my data.
Please release publicly ASAP! As a developer myself I understand not wanting people to dig through your half-done stub-ridden code, but just do it. By even making the project this far you’re infinitely further ahead than any armchair devs that will criticise what you’re doing.