Eve Helper Beta Release


I wrote a desktop-based tool called eve helper to replace several tools that were website based but have now gone by the wayside.

Dropbox link : Dropbox - EveHelper-ClickOnce-Version-1.0.0-BETA.zip - Simplify your life

submit issues here : Issues · maphillips1/EveHelperWF · GitHub

Download the zip file using the download looking button in the top right corner.

Notes about install.

1.) Once you download the zip, extract it to it’s own folder.

2.) Click “setup exe”

3.) You may or may not be prompted to install some runtime libraries on your machine (net 7 desktop). This is needed to run the app so install it.

4.) Once any dependencies are installed, you will be asked to install the app. Click install.

5.) Once finished, you can then access it in your startup menu like any other app and it will also auto launch it.


  • **WARNING!!! This is a BETA release meaning there are bugs/issues, etc. ** *

Released under GNU License 3.0

You all showed enough interest so here it is. You get to be my beta testers. I cleaned it up enough that it’s usable for people who are motivated. If you want a prettied up, clean version. Wait for 2.0.

Also, yes, price loading is a bit slow at the moment. That’s because unlike a website which has prices pre-fetched from multiple users, prices are only cached for you. The more you use the app, the faster it gets. Same goes for images. I’m loading images from the eve server. Cached in local after use.

Included in this release

Planetary Interaction

System Finder

Blueprint/Reaction browser

Loot Appraisal

For the loot appraisal, to copy & paste, in eve make sure the list is in the “Details” or “List” mode, not Icons. Also, if you copy your ship, it has the ship name, not the type so yeah. that fails.

It’s cleaner than the previous screenshots. I added some styling to make it feel more like Eve and I also started pulling images from the Eve Online Image Server.

If you want to support me, send isks to “Freya Partanen” in Eve online. No one else.

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